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Cohiba Lancero

April 17, 2012 Puffing No Comments

I was fortunate to acquire a box of one of the most elegant cigars in the world, Cohiba Lancero.

Long (7.6″) and skinny (38), these guys are famed for starting life as Fidel Castro’s personal smokes. Produced in 1964 and named in 1969. Up until the early 1980s, they were exclusively given as diplomatic gifts. It was not until 1984 when they were made available for public consumption.

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Friday 13th Dinner Party at Wolvesden – Awesome!

April 15, 2012 Dinner No Comments

Much has been said around the blogosphere about this underground supper club, and I really can’t add anything there, except more, much-deserved hype. Specifically, I’m just going to stick some captions and random musings, and will generally let the pictures speak for themselves.

Apparently, it’s pretty hard to get a seat at one of Craig Thornton’s dinners. But luck would have it, I got an invite to Wolvesden. On my first try! (It’s okay if you hate me, I’ll still be your friend). To be fair, the chef doesn’t decide who gets an invite. I believe it’s a pretty random process, unless you’ve been unfortunate to get on their blacklist.

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Cai Guo-Qiang – Mystery Circle: Explosion Event for MOCA

April 10, 2012 Art, Contemporary No Comments

The other day, I thought I was going to die. and I was fine with that.

Standing in the front row of the viewing area, reserved for press (I’m not press by the way, just rebellious with a sense of VIP entitlement), I witnessed Cai Guo-Qiang simultaneously set off 40,000 bottle rockets off the north side of MOCA Geffen. Prior to showing up, I knew I was in for a treat. What I did not anticipate was that those bottle rockets would fly directly at me! Holy shit was that thing crazy. I thought I would be engulfed in flames.

When I got on the scene, I thought the fire people were being too cautious and that we were situated a bit far from the wall. But really, when it was all said and done, it was just perfect. The most prolific bottle rocket landed right in front of the fence that was protecting us art folks, or the press at least. A legit art souvenir was inches away for the taking! I didn’t take any by the way. Instead, after gathering my bearings, decided I needed a drink and a smoke, and so, met a friend at the Grand Havana Room, my new man cave.


Partagas Serie D No. 4 Reserva

March 25, 2012 Puffing 2 Comments

My GHR friend generously gave me this Cuban Partagas Serie D No. 4 Reserva. What makes this so special (from the already outstanding Serie D No. 4) is that the tobacco leaves were all harvested in 2000, and then aged for 3 years before being rolled and released in 2005. Doing the math, this guy sat and aged in my friend’s humidor for 7 years!

Limited to 5,000 boxes of 20 cigars, the street price in 2005 was $400 a box. A couple of years ago, at auction, a box went for $1410!

At about $70 a cigar, it was, needless to say, an AMAZING smoke.


March 25, 2012 Living No Comments

…drama unfold.

Hanging Out.

March 18, 2012 Dinner, Living, Puffing No Comments

Drinking port, puffing on cigars, and plotting the new world order.

Rocky Patel Winter Edition 2012

March 14, 2012 Drink, Puffing No Comments

This box pressed cigar had one of the most amazing draws. It was practically effortless to puff it. Taste wise, it was pretty good.

Paired the cigar with a dram of Fighting Cock.

Seven Grand: Bowmore, Oyster, and Poetry

March 14, 2012 Drink, Living No Comments

Had raw oysters with Bowmore whisky poured on to the open shell. I don’t recall the types of oysters, but did have them with Bowmore 12, 15, and 18 year olds. Amazing!

Lots of people read poetry as well. Fun night.

Toraño Exodus 1959 50 Years

March 14, 2012 Puffing 2 Comments

I’ve heard many, many great things about the copper banded Exodus 1959 50 year. It’s a beautiful cigar with a great reputation. So, I was delighted, then, when a friend at GHR gave me a robusto (5 x 50). Smelling it unlit, it had a very rich, milk chocolate scent, which made it very hard to not light up immediately after receiving it…..

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Seven Grand – 2012 Spring Cocktail Preview

March 14, 2012 Drink No Comments

Spent Monday night at one of my favorite watering holes, trying out 4 newly created cocktails.


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