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My 2012 Holiday Wish List

I will probably end up getting most of these items within the next couple of months…

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Timothy Oulton

October 9, 2012 Home, Style No Comments

Came upon this spectacular Saddle Easy Chair by Timothy Oulton. It was made up of bull and bull nubuck leather.

Handsome. and Comfortable.

Link: Timothy Oulton

Timothy Oulton at H.D. Buttercup

November 5, 2011 Home No Comments

I’m always in the market for amazing arm chairs. This guy is called the Tribeca 1 Seater, and is really comfortable to sit in. If I were serious, I’d get it in a darker “old glove espresso.”

Link: Timothy Oulton

Bathroom Upgrade: Toothpaste squeezer by Cedes Milano

August 28, 2011 Home, Style 1 Comment

Seriously. It could just be the lighting, but this thing looks elegant. I want it.

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D.L. & Co. Skull Stationary with Correspondence Box

April 5, 2011 Home, Living, Style No Comments

In need of some stationary (for cooler birthday cards and Thank You notes), I picked up this 12-card + box set from Douglas Little’s company…

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Four Hands Tribeca Tufted Club Chair

February 23, 2011 Home, Style No Comments

Made of vintage black leather, this handsome arm chair is from Four Hands’ Carnegie Vintage Leather collection. It measures 47.0″ x 41.0″ x 26.0″. My style.

Gilt currently has this amazing chair for sale 2199 USD. They say the retail is 4295, which would make this a pretty good deal!

Link: Four Hands

Shark Sleeping Bag – So Cool!

January 23, 2011 Funny, Home 1 Comment

Called the ChumBuddy, Patch Together offers this awesome 7-foot stuffed toy that doubles as a sleeping bag.

Being that sharks are my favorite animal, I had to have a bit of self-restraint from immediately buying this. If I were in college, ok, I’d probably get away with having this lie around. But now, not so much. hahaha.

Still, I find the concept and execution pretty cool. Well, I’d get this for my kid/nephew/niece (if I had one), or one of my friends’ kids… just so I can take a funny picture. =X

Link: Patch Together

Holiday Season Gift List 2010

if I wanted to keep it under a $1000.

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Michael Wilson Tarantula Spider Table

August 7, 2010 Art, Home, Sculpture, Style No Comments

How beautiful is this?!?


I create modern-organic, sculptural designs, interweaving function and fine art. Combing equal parts western and eastern sensibilities with delicacy and meticulous technique.

A similar table can be bought here.

Link: Michael Wilson Designs

Design Within Reach / Deep Design – Chester Armchair

June 18, 2010 Home, Style No Comments

Based upon the Chesterfield airmchair, this iteration is made out of rotational-molded polyethylene. There is a light on the inside allowing it to glow! Perfect for the patio. This is on my to-buy list.

Link: Design within Reach

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