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Replaced Sidi 4-hole Reinforcement Plates

Since getting the Sidi Dragon biking shoes, I’ve been using them almost everyday, not for actual mountain biking, mind you, but for Spinning, or rather Studio Cycling (that’s what my gym calls the class). You know, indoor, group exercise class on a stationary bike……Um, yea… I know that these professional-grade shoes are way over the top for indoor bike class, but heck, they look cool!

Anyways, during this time, to clip in to the pedals at the gym, I attached to the soles, a pair of Shimano SPD SH-51 cleats that I received for free from purchasing my previous biking shoes. Though the SH-51s (lateral release), in my opinion, are inferior to the SH-56s (multi-directional release), I didn’t think it would affect my spinning experience, or really matter. They were made by the same company, as well as looked pretty much the same. And, these shoes were going to primarily perform indoors.

For the most part, my experience with the Shimano SH-51s were okay. They allowed me to clip in to the bike pedals and kept me secure. However, the daily clipping and lateral-unclipping of the shoes took a toll on the reinforcement plates, and eventually, stripped out a thread….

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Sidi Dragon 2 Carbon SRS in a shiny Red

At the moment, these bad boys are the top top-of-the line pair of mountain biking shoes out on the market.  They do look like they’re made of patent leather, but really, it’s a fabric called Lorica. It’s supposed to look and feel like leather, but be waterproof at the sametime.

You can’t see it from this angle, but the sole is made of carbon, and is entirely replaceable. In fact, the SRS in the name stands for Sole Replacement System. However, more than the sole, the company makes spare parts for pretty much everything on the shoe.

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Prepping for Mountain Bike Season

Spent today tuning up the bike – installed a new chain and adjusted the front derailleur to accommodate the new crank. It’s been about 4 months since I last went out. Hopefully, I’ll be conquering mountains soon.

Bike Repair/Upgrade: Race Face Atlas All Moutain Crank Set

I replaced my mountain bike crank; it was my most ambitious DIY repair/upgrade yet!

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2010 Ibis Mojo SL

December 6, 2009 Mountain Biking, Sport 1 Comment

This is such a drool-worthy mountain bike.

The frame looks amazing, and it’s made of carbon fiber. One day, it will be mine!

Link: Ibis Cycles

Wanted: DiNotte LED Lights

December 5, 2009 Mountain Biking No Comments

For mountain biking in the dark. I’m keen on getting the helmet-mounted 400L + 800L (for the handlebars) package from DiNotte.

Link: DiNotte Special Package.


MTB Ride: Peters Canyon Regional Park

November 28, 2009 Mountain Biking, Sport No Comments

Visited my college friend JC and Tomimito out in Orange. They showed me a cool trail near their place. Overall, it was pretty fun and provided a nice little workout. Here are some of the highlights.

JC going down this really sandy decline.

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MTB Ride: Turnbull Canyon

November 18, 2009 Mountain Biking, Sport 1 Comment

This past weekend, the crew took on Turnbull Canyon. Great workout. Took out part of the mountain. Lucky I was wearing body armor. Broke my bicycle chain. Fun as hell.

Here is a picture of CQ emerging from the forest and catching a little bit of air. This was about 1/2 way through our ride.

Until next time. Cheers!

MTB Ride: LA96C Nike Missile Control Site

November 15, 2009 Mountain Biking No Comments

One of my favorite mountain bike rides is the trail up Westridge to the Nike Missile Control Site in the Sant Monica Mountains. It should be noted that the Nike Missile was not named after the maker of Air Jordans, but after the Greek Goddess of Victory.

From here, we either make our way to Sullivan Canyon, or just go back the way we came.

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