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M-1 Grand Muay Thai Championship of America

October 22, 2011 Fighting, Sport No Comments

I was fortunate to score a pretty good view (1st row balcony) for THE Muay Thai event of the year at Club Nokia. So special was the event that they delayed the start of it a whole hour to ensure that they could broadcast it live to Thailand… so there I sat…. with a cup of Oban 14-year scotch.

Well, the fight card was pretty amazing and was really worth the wait. The promoters matched up some of America’s best with some of Thailand’s great kick boxers. Specifically, Kevin Ross was going to seek redemption against Sakkedao Petchpayathai, while Joe Schilling was going to elevate American Muay Thai by knocking out Kaoklai Kaennorsing….that was the plan.

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International Fight Showdown 9 – Clash of Kings

Watched some Muay Thai in the City of Industry.

Link: IFS

M1 Grand Muay Thai Championships

August 18, 2011 Fighting, Sport No Comments

had the pleasure to watch some professional muay thai!

International Fight Showdown 8 – Friend Won!

Yesterday, Kickboxer participated in the IFS Cup: Muay Thai 8-man Elimination Tournament in Pico Rivera.

Twelve seconds into the first round (picture above), Kickboxer landed a clean high left kick to his opponent’s head, sending him down to the canvas for the count. After almost 10 seconds, the bearded guy foolishly got up to continue the match. … Continue Reading

King of Thailand Birthday Celebration – Muay Thai Fights

December 6, 2010 Events, Fighting, Sport No Comments

Sat ringside at the “biggest Muay Thai fight in the U.S.” at Commerce Casino. The event was put on by Stand Up Promotions to celebrate the King of Thailand’s Birthday. 

There were 11 fights total, 2 of which were professional fights, where head gear and shin guards were absent, and elbow throws were present. Good times.

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