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Dinner House M: chill after-hours kick it spot

September 19, 2009 Jazz, Living, Music 1 Comment

Last night, kicked it with the Little Tokyo crew in the Silverlake area at this jazz after-hours spot, Dinner House M. I had a good time. It was nice seeing them again.

One of my friends brought out his new girl who had a tattoo of an elephant inside of a boa constrictor, which i think is sooooo cool – if you know what I’m talking about, youre awesome! If not, read The Little Prince and come over to the awesome side.

Anyways, Dinner House M was in a word, interesting. It is nothing really fancy but it is pretty apparent that the place exists to indulge the owner’s love for jazz and singing. Peep the painting of the owner in the photo. awesome!

The place got pretty packed as the night went on, and definitely hit capacity past 2am, when all of the normal clubs and bars close down. The mood is what you expect from a jazz lounge – cool and dotted with chill people. I’d come back again.


Tip: With a glass of regular water costing $6 each and $6-12 cover (depending upon where you sit), the bill can get out of control real quick! They do provide free food, but it isn’t that great. Neighborhood looks a bit sketchy at night, so have common sense.

 Link: Dinner House M

31st Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl

June 15, 2009 Events, Gourmet, Jazz 1 Comment

This past weekend, JS and I hit up the Hollywood Bowl to check out the Playboy Jazz Festival. It was a lot of fun. We listened to good music, munched on gourmet treats, drank champagne, and soaked up some sun.


Though we could only make it out for Sunday, we were still able to experience a good, eclectic lineup. … Continue Reading

Interview with Marcus Roberts

April 12, 2009 Jazz, Music No Comments

Heard this GREAT interview with Marcus Roberts on NPR’s All Things Considered on the way home. Fascinating. He had a few lines that I’d say are Life Lessons material. I highlighted them in orange. … Continue Reading

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