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Gluttonous Christmas Dinner at the Rio’s Carnival World Buffet

December 29, 2009 Events, Gourmet, Living No Comments

Entry into the place was like a Saturday afternoon at Disneyland. The wait time was insane. Was it worth it? I’m not a buffet person, but I did do some serious damage.

Plate 1 was all about trying different things that caught my eye, so I kept portions to a minimum:  Hush Puppy, Fried Fish, BBQ Rib, Garlic Shrimp, Crab legs, Slice of Prime Rib, Chinese-style beef, and Salmon Sushi.

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Las Vegas Merry Christmas – Accommodations: Palms Place

December 28, 2009 Events, Home, Living, Style 2 Comments

This year, I spent Christmas with new friends in Las Vegas. It was awesome. I did great things and sinful things that, of course, will not be mentioned here.

In between activities and to unwind, stayed off the strip, in a Studio Suite (600 sq. ft) at Palms Place, a sophisticated place with modern decor…

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Los Angeles Auto Show 2009

December 12, 2009 Events, Living No Comments

On this rainy day, went with JC and his cousin to the LA Auto Show. Overall, it was cool.

His wife doesn’t know it yet, but here’s JC’s future ride.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2009

November 26, 2009 Events, Gourmet, Living No Comments

Helped cook a bunch of Turkey =)

Photo from my Blackberry. Here are a few of them cooling down, before being drained and wrapped.

It was exhausting, but a lot of fun. Lets do it again.

Birthday Lunch at Giovanni Ristorante

October 22, 2009 Events, Gourmet, Italy, Living No Comments

Chicken and Cheese Ravioli w/ Alfredo Sauce and topped with Basil.

Link: Giovanni Ristorante

A bottle of Rosé

October 21, 2009 Events, Living No Comments

JMD sent me a bottle.


Tora! Tora!! Tora!!!

October 18, 2009 Events, Living No Comments

I went to the Open House and Air Show at Edwards Air Force Base with my pops. Other than the awesome planes and aerobatics on display, it was good father and son bonding.

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Welcomed CS Back at Dinner House M

October 2, 2009 Events, Living No Comments

Last night, the Little Tokyo crew gathered at Dinner House M to welcome back CS to the states. We’re all happy to see her. She has such great energy.

Note, Thursdays are pretty dead here, so it’s worthwhile to bring some good company. =)


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