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Lucha VaVOOM – Lucha is for Lovers

February 16, 2012 Events No Comments

PR girl and I caught Lucha VaVOOM‘s 2012 Valentine’s Day Special Show, Lucha is for Lovers, at the Mayan Theatre in Downtown LA. For 3 hours or so, we were entertained with Lucha Libre wrestling, some talented burlesque dancers, comedic hosts, and even a wedding ceremony. Over the top at times, it was still some pretty good, clean fun!

That’s one of the crowd favorite Luchadores, Dirty Sanchez, above, walking around during intermission. Very cool.

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Requisite Black

January 20, 2012 Art, Events No Comments

JL and I captured in a slideshow at WWD (Women’s Wear Daily). This was sometime in November of last year. We went to this art auction slash benefit party. Here, we were just talking and waiting for the auction to start, when I suddenly noticed someone about to take our picture. We were caught off guard. Oh well. At least someone deemed us worthy of being part of their slideshow, right?

Copy + Paste of the article that went with the slideshow:

In a season full of black-tie benefits, it was at the more dressed-down art events where Los Angeles’ most interesting fall fashion could be found. Last week’s LAX Art’s benefit auction, held at The Brick Building in the Culver City, Calif. gallery district, drew a mix of street-chic looks and vintage flair — from colorful coats and tights to quirky accessories to, of course, the requisite black.

Link: WWD

David Yurman for Lollipop Theater Network

November 12, 2011 Events No Comments

Shopping event at David Yurman to benefit Lollipop Theater Network. There were apparently some “famous” people in attendance (Anna Farris, Lance Bass etc..). I didn’t know anyone (everyone looked ordinary), and actually, we weren’t even invited. Sooj was inside and the madame and I wanted to see her.

We were coming from another event down the street, and I suppose since we looked the part, we were able to walk right in, past the person manning the door with no problems. hahahahaha.

Club Nokia – VIP Lounge

October 23, 2011 Events, Leisure, Living No Comments

Inside the VIP lounge.

Looked like any lounge/club, just with less people.

Link: Club Nokia VIP

Art Platform Vernissage Museum Benefit

September 30, 2011 Art, Contemporary, Events, Living No Comments

Attended the Vernissage Party for Art Platform. Ran into a lot of people. Met a couple of new people. It was fun.

Link: Art Platform

Touring the Broad Art Foundation

September 25, 2011 Art, Contemporary, Events, Fine Art No Comments

The other day, I joined the MOCA Contemporaries to check out the Broad Art Foundation, which highlighted many great works by notable artists like Anselm Kiefer, Christopher Wool, Albert Oehlen, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Jenny Saville, Elliot Hundley, Gregory Crewdson and many more….

The whole experience took about 2 hours. It was pretty fun. Here are some of the highlights…….

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International Fight Showdown 9 – Clash of Kings

Watched some Muay Thai in the City of Industry.

Link: IFS

Harvest Ministries – Greg Laurie

August 18, 2011 Events, Leisure, Living No Comments

hung out with my college buddy and his wife, tomimito, at a christian concert in anaheim….

 i don’t consider myself a christian, or religious for that matter, but can appreciate the powerful role religion plays in people’s lives…..

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International Fight Showdown 8 – Friend Won!

Yesterday, Kickboxer participated in the IFS Cup: Muay Thai 8-man Elimination Tournament in Pico Rivera.

Twelve seconds into the first round (picture above), Kickboxer landed a clean high left kick to his opponent’s head, sending him down to the canvas for the count. After almost 10 seconds, the bearded guy foolishly got up to continue the match. … Continue Reading

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