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March 12, 2013 Living No Comments

Dress code for men: Black Tie


Dress code for women: Lingerie


Masks mandatory.

Aniversario 20 de la Casa del Habano Partagás

February 5, 2013 Living, Puffing 1 Comment

These were passed out at the 20th anniversary of the Partagas dinner in Cuba last year. There were two sizes. The rumor is that these were Cohiba Behikes. The one pictured is the larger of the two.

I got my hands on a couple of them and even smoked one during this past Super Bowl. Though it was definitely a premium cigar (construction and aroma were wonderful), it somehow did not measure up to the officially branded Behikes. Oh well.

Link: La Casa del Habano

L&E Oyster Bar: Go To Spot for Oysters in LA

February 1, 2013 Dinner, Living No Comments

EM just arrived from Paris. We caught up with each other’s lives over at the best oyster spot in hipster central Los Angeles, L&E Oyster Bar.

They had a great selection of oysters on the menu that night – about 10. We started with 2 of each…. yummmmm

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Encuentro XV Amigos de Partagas – Nov. 2007 – Salomónes

January 15, 2013 Leisure, Puffing No Comments

Custom rolled Salomónes cigar made for the 15th Partagas (November 2007) Dinner in Cuba.

A buddy attended the 20th Anniversary dinner in 2012 and brought a bunch of these back. I had the pleasure to acquire a couple for personal consumption. I found it to be a very pleasurable experience – earthy and woody, and pretty refreshing (like a Cohiba Siglo VI almost). Curiously, no spice.

Drago Centro – My Usuals

January 12, 2013 Dinner No Comments

Drago Centro really is one of my favorite restaurants. I stop by at least once a month. And with the exception of the private room, I’ve sat at every table there and have had pretty much everything on their regular menu.

The other day, I took DH with me to revisit three of my go to dishes.

*Note: with the exception of the last photo, each dish represents a half portion of what you would normally get. I like to split entrees with my dining companion.

l’agnello. Roasted Lamb, garlic potato, tomato, onions, olive puree, bagna cauda. They cook this chunk of meat to perfection. It’s juicy and so flavorful.

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Cohiba Behike 52 – The Best Cigar in the World

January 12, 2013 Living, Puffing No Comments

Smoked this on New Year’s Eve in the Marina.

A buddy had brought a box of these over from Cuba some years ago. We were having a fantastic night ringing in the new year, and decided to cap it with this legendary cigar. It was wonderful.

For a great review on this, check out Cigar Inspector.

Spyderco Bug Keychain Knife

December 29, 2012 Tools No Comments

Attached this tiny Spyderco Bug knife to my keys for little jobs, or for those times I’m without a proper knife.

I really like the look of the flat ground blade. Eventually, I’m going to get the much larger Spyderco Military.


December 27, 2012 Living No Comments

it was a pretty fun year.

20 Year Costco Scotch

December 25, 2012 Drink, Living No Comments

Last year’s 20 year old Scotch bottled for Costco was from The Macallan (see post). This year, it’s a mystery. Anyone know why?

Bottled at 40% abv, nosing this scotch is easy and pleasurable. There is no alcohol burn at all. Instead, I smell gingerbread cupcakes and freshly-baked fruit tarts. On the palate, it is very malty, and slightly sweet. A bit one-note. However, its redeeming feature is that it is smooth, really smooth. There is no bite at all. The finish is very short. Overall, a decent whisky for the price.

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