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December 19, 2010 Political Science No Comments

… democracy without transparency is not democracy… it’s empty words.

It’s Not a Career Ladder, It’s an Obstacle Course

Excerpt form Adam Bryant’s interview with Barbara Krumseik of the Calvert Group Ltd:

…I think the key is that people who work for me honestly believe that there is going to be a win-win here. I’ll bring it back to my obstacle-course analogy. I believe that the whole career ladder concept is a very disruptive concept because what does it suggest? You can’t get past the person ahead of you unless you push them off the ladder. It promotes aggressive behavior.

When you think of an obstacle course, there are a lot of people on the obstacle course at the same time, and my success doesn’t impede your success. And I may be able to take a minute and help you over that next obstacle and still get where I want to get to.

I also think you have to be a little humble. You have to be maybe a little bit overly confident to break into new things, but a little bit overly humble about what you don’t know, and admiring of the talents different people bring to the table.

Corner Office: It’s Not a Career Ladder, It’s an Obstacle Course, New York Times, 5/21/10.

PIIGS – Interconnected Headache

Basically, there’s no way that Greece will not get bailed out.

Banks and governments in these five shaky economies owe each other many billions of euros — converted here to dollars — and have even larger debts to Britain, France and Germany. Arrow widths are proportional to debt amounts.

Europe’s Web of Debt, New York Times, 5/1/10.
What Happens if a Euro Area Government were to Default? by Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times, 1/20/2009

May 6, 2010 – Historic Day for the Dow

Stocks plunge; Dow has record drop, then recovers

NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market had one of its most turbulent days in history as the Dow Jones industrials fell to a loss of almost 1,000 points in less than half an hour on fears that Greece’s debt problems could halt the global economic recovery.

The market’s plunge came less than 90 minutes before the end of trading. The Dow’s drop was its largest loss ever during the course of a trading day, but it recovered to a loss of 347 at the close. All the major indexes lost more than 3 percent.

There were reports that the sudden drop was caused by a trader who mistyped an order to sell a large block of stock. The drop in that stock’s price was enough to trigger “sell” orders across the market.

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Looking for an Island Reversal or to Fill the Gap

Today, I started a position in Transocean ($RIG), the operators of the oil rig that recently blew up in the Gulf Coast and currently pissing off environmentalists. I’ve been stalking its movement ever since the sell off last week. It’s my belief that sellers over-reacted, and that the company’s stocks now represent a good value.

….well, at least good enough for a trade..

Around 11:30am (Eastern time), the stock started to move up. I watched it for a good while to confirm upward price action. Eventually, I started a position at around 12:20pm (Eastern time) – blue arrow.

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