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MOCA: Opening Party for Hedi Slimane’s California Song

November 12, 2011 Photography No Comments

Sooj and I stopped by Hedi Slimane’s show at MOCA Pacific Design Center….

Predictably, this event drew more of the Fashion crowd than the Art crowd…. it’s okay, I like pretty people.

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N. Hoolywood Shawl Lapel Jacket

a friend recently introduced me to instagram, an iphone app that allows one to apply various filters to pictures… it’s pretty cool.

anyways, here’s a picture of me with an instagram filter, trying on this amazing 1-button jacket by Japanese label, N. Hoolywood, at American Rag Cie.

..did you know that you’re not allowed to take pictures in the store? =X

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Chris Anthony – Very First Time

Little Red Riding Hood.

Link: Chris Anthony

Street Art: Photographic Elevations of Los Angeles, Paris and Berlin by Larry Yust

January 16, 2011 Art, Photography, Street No Comments

Met up with some grad school friends, and caught the closing of Larry Yust’s show at the Fowler Museum, which happens to be on the UCLA campus. Being a holiday weekend, we scored and got free parking too.

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Dennis Hopper Double Standard Premiere Party at MOCA

Attended the MOCA Party at the Geffen Contemporary branch, celebrating the life and work of Dennis Hopper. The show, curated by Julian Schnabel, was Jeffrey Deitch’s first as MOCA’s director.

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Eurotrash at LAzarides Gallery

Stopped by Lazarides to see works by some of the greatest European artists today – JR, Antony Micallef, Connor Harrington, and Vhils.

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PYO Gallery LA Presents Estrada Fine Art’s 8 Artists

Stopped by at the tail end of PYO’s opening reception for Estrada Fine Arts…

Here are some of the pieces that caught my eye:

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Philippe Halsman – Dalí Atomicus

May 23, 2010 Art, Photography No Comments

Philippe Halsman: “When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping, and the mask falls, so that the real person appears.”

Dalí Atomicus, shows the madcap Dalí aloft, brush and palette in hand. He is flanked by a chair and two easels (holding Dalí canvases) — all elevated, and seemingly floating, above the floor, which heightens the sense of suspension. But the main event is the great curve of water arcing across the image, along with three flying (or flung) cats in damp, disconcerted disarray. For once Dalí’s characteristic look of exaggerated surprise makes sense.

Link: Joys of Jumpology by Roberta Smith, New York Times, 5/23/10.

Matt Logue – Empty LA

January 16, 2010 Art, Photography No Comments

Matt Logue undertook a 4-year project to create a series of a people-less Los Angeles. Here is a photo showing the infamous 405 freeway and part of the 105 freeway. On Thursday afternoons, this route is a nightmare to take.

Masataka Nakano did a similar project featuring Tokyo, another one of my favorite cities.

Link: Empty LA

Sheryl Nields – Scarlett Johansson

December 16, 2009 Art, Photography No Comments

At the heart of the genre of portrait photography lies the particular challenge of expressing the personality of the portrayed by means of a mechanical medium… Portrait photography of famous people plays constantly with the viewer’s expectations, which are based on the celebrities’ status… [Sheryl] Nields’ portraits of Scarlett Johansson invite the viewer to be an accomplice in a coquettishly seductive moment in which the actress knowingly and ironically flaunts her sex appeal. 


Sheryl Nields Phtography

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