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Watched a movie in a cemetery.

June 5, 2011 Film, Leisure, Living No Comments

Last night, I tagged along to watch a late night movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

It was pretty cool. Prior to the screening, we ate pizza and drank champagne.

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Blum and Poe – Opening for Zhang Huan’s 49 Days

This past weekend, my new Russian artist friend and I checked out the opening for Chinese artist, Zhang Huan in Culver City.

The show featured numerous sculptures made of old bricks. The featured piece, Pagoda, standing at 22-ft, had many guessing how on earth did they install this massive sculpture in that room. In the center was a stuffed pig.

According to the gallery notes (copy+paste):

Pagoda serves partly as a tribute to Zhu Gangqiang, or the “Cast-Iron Pig”, now famous for having survived 49 days in rubble, following China’s historic 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Upon hearing its story of survival, Zhang negotiated the pig’s purchase and has subsequently adopted him into his studio, employing a full-time caretaker and making his likeness a central part of his artistic practice. The number “49” (from which the show takes its title) is dually significant, both for its relationship to Zhu Gangqiang’s story and for its connection to Buddhist thought, as the Buddhists believe 49 days is the amount of time ones soul remains on earth between death and reincarnation

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MOCA Art in the Streets Tour with Jeffrey Deitch

Despite having been to MOCA’s latest and (deservedly) much-hyped exhibition, Art in the Streets numerous times already, yesterday, I went on an after-hours tour of the show. What made it all the more special was that it was led by the MOCA’s Director and curator of the show, Jeffrey Deitch.

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N. Hoolywood Shawl Lapel Jacket

a friend recently introduced me to instagram, an iphone app that allows one to apply various filters to pictures… it’s pretty cool.

anyways, here’s a picture of me with an instagram filter, trying on this amazing 1-button jacket by Japanese label, N. Hoolywood, at American Rag Cie.

..did you know that you’re not allowed to take pictures in the store? =X

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Madame part of Ascend group show

She has a few pieces exhibiting at Ann 330 Gallery on La Brea (next to American Rag Cie). Last night was the opening. Check it out!

Colors in the work function as the composition. The black and white gessoed surfaces function as the symbolic color of intellectuality, and an idea of formality. The saturated colors of paint are a vital part of these paintings by disrupting surface. Paint is poured across the upper spine of the canvas, directly from the bottle. Gravitational force slowly draws the color down the length of the surface, leaving behind vertical lines of varying densities and widths.

Madame’s Opening for Attraction/Distraction

April 21, 2011 Art, Contemporary No Comments

earlier this week, madame unveiled her latest colorful body of work to colleagues, family, and friends. It was a well-received show with ten square paintings to gaze at.


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MOCA: Art in the Streets – Member’s Opening Party

April 17, 2011 Art, Street No Comments

Last night, I stopped by the opening party for the much-hyped MOCA show, Art in the Streets…

It seemed like it was the event of the night… parking was very hard to come by, and the place was packed, disgustingly packed. Because of the crowds, my friends and I didn’t stay too long. I was able to do a quick walkthrough of the exhibit before the heat and repeated violations of personal space got to be too much…. From what I saw though, it definitely looked like a great show. My friends and I are going to come back later………….

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My new KAWS keychain

April 10, 2011 Art, Contemporary No Comments

KAWS Chum!!!!!!!!!!… Brian Donnelly’s take on the Michelin Man…

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Born To Be Wild IMAX 3D!

April 10, 2011 Film, Leisure, Living No Comments

PR girl did some voice-overs for this film… and invited me to a special screening.. where they served guests Huckleberry deliciousness and gave out free T-shirts….the film, itself, documents two ladies who dedicated their lives to help ushering orphaned elephants and orangutans back into the wild…narrated by Morgan Freeman…it was cooooool

Link: Born to Be Wild

MOCA – Rodarte: States of Matter

March 5, 2011 Art, Fashion, Style No Comments

Last night, I attended the opening party for Rodarte: States of Matter at MOCA’s Pacific Design Center branch.

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