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One Too Many Design: Chompers

October 14, 2009 Art, Fashion, Sculpture, Style 2 Comments

My new skull ring. It came out of Ron Bryant’s workshop, One Too Many. It is a relatively new ring he just carved. When I first saw images of it, I knew I had to have one. … Continue Reading

Valentino The Last Emperor

October 12, 2009 Fashion, Film No Comments

Saw this yesterday. From the bickering between Valentino and Giametti like an old, married couple to the five, ubiquitous pugs, the documentary is pretty funny. It also gives a glimpse to the fashion designer’s luxurious lifestyle.

VALENTINO THE LAST EMPEROR is a feature-length film on the legendary designer Valentino Garavani in the wake of his exit in 2008 from the company he founded in Rome more than 45 years ago. Produced and directed by Matt Tyrnauer, Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine, the film is an intimate, engaging and very funny fly-on-the-wall exploration of the singular world of one of Italy’s richest and most famous men. The film documents the colorful and dramatic closing act of Valentino’s celebrated career, tells the story of his extraordinary life and work, and also explores the larger themes affecting the fashion business today. But at the heart of the film is the unique relationship between Valentino and his business partner and companion of 50 years, Giancarlo Giammetti.

Link: Valentino Movie

I Want Damien Hirst Butterfly Wallpaper

September 26, 2009 Art, Contemporary, Home, Style No Comments

.. for one side of my lounge room.

.. you can see it installed under the stair case at the recently opened Gagosian Store in New York.

…close up.. kind of…

District 9 – Everyone Deserves Equality

September 25, 2009 Film No Comments

Saw District 9 tonight. Though it’s not one of those films I’d want to watch over and over, I liked it quite a bit. As far as my views on aliens….

Interesting Review (excerpt) from The Economist magazine:

…critics who have concluded that Mr Blomkamp’s satire is aimed at apartheid because his film is set in South Africa should brush up on the living conditions to which the world’s refugees, displaced people and other vulnerable groups are currently being subjected. The sight of soldiers roughing up and humiliating the alien prawns—who just want to be left alone to forage in the black-market for cat food, their favourite delicacy—may convey something sharp about the treatment of 42m uprooted terrestrials.

While searching for Youtube clips of the aliens talking (i think they sound cool), I came across this short film, which the movie is apparently based on. It’s also pretty entertaining.

Official Site of District 9
MNU Spreads Lies
Prawns and Other Illegal Aliens, The Economost, August 20th, 2009


September 17, 2009 Art No Comments

Link: Kanyelicious

Scientific Study: Emotional types like Modern Art. Intellectuals prefer the Ancient stuff.

September 15, 2009 Art, Living, Read No Comments

According to the abstract….

the authors found that visitors to the ancient art museum conducted their visit with the primary aim of acquiring understanding and knowledge, while modern art museum visitors conducted their visit with an approach that was primarily emotional and pleasure-seeking…Concerning personality traits, no difference was found between the two museum groups on the “Openness to Experience” dimension; differences were found on the “Sensation Seeking” trait; modern art museum visitors attained higher scores as compared to ancient art museum visitors.

Myself, I prefer the newer stuff.

Link: Preferences for ancient and modern art museums: Visitor experiences and personality characteristics. Mastandrea, Stefano; Bartoli, Gabriella; Bove, Giuseppe. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. Vol 3(3), Aug 2009, 164-173.

Race across the sky

September 14, 2009 Film, Mountain Biking, Sport No Comments

Released in theaters on my birthday. Covers this year’s Leadville Trail 100 – ultimate mountain bike race. Looks awesome.

High Tea at Royal/T

September 13, 2009 Art, Contemporary, Gourmet, Living No Comments

before EM leaves to Paris to become a crazy haute couture designer, took her to Royal/T to check out the japanese french maids…. and drink some tea.

… Continue Reading

Gabo – Liaison V

September 12, 2009 Art, Photography No Comments

This is No. 5 from the Liaison Erotiques Series, 2006/2007.

In this serie Liaisons Erotiques, shot for a calender for Lambertz, we encounter a Gabo combining style, fashion, self-confident women, eroticism, and sensuality. Remarkable are the interiors in which she places her models; it has absolutely nothing in common with the “typical German” coolness associated with German style. On the contrary, the scenery incorporates elements of an ornamental delight that appeared a few years ago in the scene of art photography as well. Gabo’s talent is to create scenes of intimacy. They inspire us to fantasize about what might have happened in the moments before the photograph was taken, and what might happen a moment later. Which “plot” came to life? How will the story continue? Gabo’s view is female and her view of passion, sensuality, and erotic self representation never turns into embarrassment, but rather everything seems to be staged by the women themselves and therefore natural and self – evident.

Link: Gabo

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