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How to Replace Porsche Headlights

July 19, 2012 Tips and Tricks No Comments

Around the 85,000 miles mark, I got a notification on the dash that said, “Check left dipped beam,” which basically meant that the left low beam light was out. Having some free time, I fixed this on my own. Small tasks like this are not worth taking to the dealership, not least that they’ll charge something ridiculous for what is really, a 20 minute (tops) job.

Curious to how it is done? Read on.

Other than the replacement light bulb(s), all of the tools necessary for this job (L-shaped hex wrench and Phillips head screwdriver) are in the toolkit that come with the car. In my case, they were stored with the tow hook, tire goo, and wheel lock in the front trunk.

The factory light bulb that came installed with my car was a Philips H7 bulb, H7 being the operative word here; it indicates size and fitment. Not having the patience to wait to buy online, I went down to the local Pep Boys, and picked up this two pack of Xtravision H7 bulbs by Sylvania. They had other options that had better brightness with a sacrifice in lifetime, and vice versa. The one that I picked was somewhere in the middle. Tip: Do Not Touch the light bulb with your bare hands; your natural oils will exponentially diminish its lifetime.

With tools and replacement parts in hand, the next thing to do was to remove the headlamp. This was done by first,  dislodging the liner carpet in the front trunk and unscrewing the cap (not pictured) counter clockwise. When that was done, a rubber knob (red arrow, below picture) was exposed. This was easily pulled out, exposing a hole….

 … to insert the L-shaped hex wrench. Once solidly in place, the headlamp easily dislodged by rotating the wrench counter clockwise.

Once dislodged, the headlamp was simply pulled out.

Note how the wrench (red arrow below picture) moves the rod (blue arrow) under the headlamp.

To get at the bulbs required removing the back cap, which was connected by clips (red arrows below two pictures) and four screws (below picture)

Once the back cap was removed, focused on the faulty low beam light bulb.

Replacing the light bulb required undoing this metal clip…

…and separating it from the electrical base.

A quick switcheroo, and that’s it. Stuck the new bulb back into the slot, clipped it in place, and proceeded with doing everything in reverse. Put back cap on headlamp, inserted screws, tightened clips, slipped the headlamp back into housing slot, cleaned up, made sure the error message went away on start up, and that’s it!

Hope that was informative.

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