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Black Label El Presidente Cigar Lighter

March 1, 2012 Living, Puffing No Comments

My new cigar lighter!

Of course, the way one lights his or her cigar is a personal choice. And for a while, I primarily used matchbooks, where I would ignite and use the entire matchbook in one go. That was cool and all, but I figured that if I’m going to semi-regularly indulge in a smoke with my libations, I should probably invest in a good lighter. So, like everything else that interests me, I researched the hell out of cigar lighters – looking at features offered across the price spectrum, from cheap and minimally functional to luxurious and over the top.

Now, if money were no object, I would not flinch about getting a classic St Dupont Gatsby. It’s masculine and exudes luxury. Maybe one day!

Well, after doing more realistic research, I came across this Black Label El Presidente lighter that distinguishes itself from other butane lighters with its Flat Flame technology – the engineers found a way to diffuse the flame from a typical, single rod to a thin, flat flame. It’s a pretty ingenious idea, if you ask me. By simply altering the flame shape, smokers, when lighting the cigar, can employ a painting motion at the foot to cover more surface area. Naturally, this provides greater control for toasting and touching up the cigar. Cool, right?

So, narrowing my search down to this lighter model, I was briefly torn between getting the black one or the copper one. Both looked really cool, but in the end, I was more drawn to the metallic, satin finish of the copper. Finally, bargain hunting, I found the best price off of Amazon ($79 vs $100 MSRP).

And here we are. As the close up indicates, it is a solidly built lighter. About the size of a 5-pack of chewing gum, it is all metal and feels substantial in the hand, and works as advertised. I am very pleased with this lighter! That’s my review =)

….. for a much better review (and one that actually convinced me to get this lighter), click >>here<<.


To light, flip open the spring-aided lid to expose the mirror-finished head, and pull down the black grooved trigger.


Bottom. Pretty standard looking. This lighter is made by Lotus.


See? Flat flame. Pretty cool.

Links to buy:
Black Label El Presidente (Copper Satin), like mine!
Black Label El Presidente (Black)

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