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Saphir – Best Shoe Care Products

January 14, 2012 Fashion No Comments

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m trying to get serious about caring for my shoes. I researched and found many menswear blogs and forums praising the offerings by Saphir, a French company specializing in shoe care products. So, I gave it a whirl and purchased a “minimal” amount of stuff to take care of my black and other colored shoes. Namely, Rénovateur (Cleaner and Conditioner), Créme (Shoe Cream) in black and in light brown, and Pate de Luxe (Shoe Wax) in black and in neutral.

For my black shoes…

I wish I did a before picture. In any case, check out the shininess on these guys! I started by rubbing the white, creamy Rénovateur all over the shoe, including the leather soles. With mink oil being the main ingredient, the leather became much more supple. After letting it sit, I followed up with applying and buffing the Créme (Cream Polish), which is made of beeswax, turpentine, shea butter, and seven other nutrient waxes. This helped to restore the color. Finally, I used Pate de Luxe , which features carnauba wax, to restore the glossy finish.

For the tan-colored shoe on the right (left foot) below, I only used Rénovateur and the neutral Pate de Luxe. The light brown Créme I got looked a bit too dark, and I didn’t want to risk it on these beauties. Maybe I’ll try it some other day. In any case, even with just the use of the two products, the left shoe (on the right) looks much more supple after absorbing the mink oil, shea butter, and other magical ingredients from the Saphir line.

Though it took me about an hour just to do these three shoes, I found the process to be very therapeutic – I was in the zone! Also, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.


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