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Revisiting Chichen Itza – Cochinita Pibil

November 20, 2011 Lunch No Comments

Earlier this year, I purchased my first ever Groupon for this great deal (1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and if after 3pm, 2 non-alcoholic drinks all for 3 Lincolns) at Chichen Itza, and have been meaning to redeem it ever since rediscovering one of my favorite restaurants during my USC grad school days.

When I bought the Groupon, I had every intention of ordering and introducing Chichen Itza’s signature dish to a friend, significant other, mistress, whoever, and eating after 3pm to redeem the full features. Well, honestly, I didn’t care who would accompany me, as long as I could eat this deliciousness once more or at least before the deal expired! The menu describes the dish as succulent pork marinated with achiote, sour orange juice, and spices, cooked in banana leaves, topped with pickled red onions served with sauteed black beans, rice, fried plantain and steamy tortillas…sounds good.

…… Probably even more amazing than the deal then, was finding one of the previously mentioned to either be free to eat with me, be willing to dine in South Central LA (which really isn’t bad) after 3pm (while assuring that we won’t get mugged/carjacked), eat pork (surprised to find out some of my friends are Jewish), eat spicy (their house-made habanero sauce is a must-try) or just eat for that matter (a lot of my friends are humorously anorexic).

Anyways, stars aligned, and my kickboxing friend was free, and so we ate and ate…. and not only did I succeed in consuming some of the most tender and tasty pork, I also turned another buddy into a cochinita pibil fan.

One thing I did notice was that the portions this time around was a bit skinnier than last time. Was it because I used a Groupon or is it the new standard? Not complaining, just making an observation….to complete the picture of our meal, for the appetizer, we had the ceviche pescado (refreshing), and for drinks, horchatas! Finally, the habanero hot sauce was so amazing that we both bought a bottle (only 3.50 USD each) for home usage.

Until next time.

Chichen Itza
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