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M-1 Grand Muay Thai Championship of America

October 22, 2011 Fighting, Sport No Comments

I was fortunate to score a pretty good view (1st row balcony) for THE Muay Thai event of the year at Club Nokia. So special was the event that they delayed the start of it a whole hour to ensure that they could broadcast it live to Thailand… so there I sat…. with a cup of Oban 14-year scotch.

Well, the fight card was pretty amazing and was really worth the wait. The promoters matched up some of America’s best with some of Thailand’s great kick boxers. Specifically, Kevin Ross was going to seek redemption against Sakkedao Petchpayathai, while Joe Schilling was going to elevate American Muay Thai by knocking out Kaoklai Kaennorsing….that was the plan.

Before stuff got underway, there was a lot of ceremonial stuff. There was the singing of national anthems (by actual people), introductions of representatives from all of the sponsors, and a word from a pretty important guy in Thailand.

The first match up of the night featured one of my favorite fighters, Rungravee Sasisprapa, battling against a zebra haired Andres Martinez of Spain.  But before that, we were treated to a short song and dance; they were kind of fun.

Rungravee, “Thailand’s Terminator.” No matter how many times he got hit, he was so calm and always moved forward. He’s a beast.

The ring girl… she was cool.

Ultimately, all of Rungravee’s knees took a toll on his opponent and got him the win by TKO.

I really liked how all of the Thai fighters were accompanied by this troupe of traditional dancers. Charming, really.

The co-main event of the night featured America’s Kevin “Soul Assassin” Ross against Sakkedao Petchpayathai. Not only was there a championship belt on the line, but this fight was also supposed to redeem Ross from his last loss against Saenchai (who lost against Sakkaedao). From beginning to end, it was an exciting match.

Kevin Ross’ performance, in my opinion, was much better in this fight. Unfortunately though, a deep cut to his head prompted the ref to stop the fight. Sakkaedao was proclaimed the winner by TKO and also the interim WBC Muay Thai world super lightweight champion.

the next co-main event was really, why I and pretty much everyone else came….Joe “Stitch Em Up” Schilling vs Kaoklai “Giant Killer” Kaennorsing… Joe wore all 3 belts at the same time; looked kind of funny.

Like he said he would in interviews, Joe came out aggressive from the start, quickly knocking down Kaoklai two times. He intended to knock him out in the first round.


at one time, Kaoklai was able to get Joe off balance, raising some hope in his camp….

…but it wasn’t good enough. Joe came back and knocked Kaoklai down a 3rd time, and the ref called the fight in the first round. For his efforts, Joe also claimed the interim WBC Muay Thai world light heavyweight belt.

It was an action-packed match up, and blessed the cameraman and youtube, you can see the entire match!


Link: M1 Grand Muay Thai

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