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IlliteJ Studio Visit

October 2, 2011 Art, Contemporary, Fine Art No Comments

To coincide with the opening of LA Platform, Steve Turner put out an Artists Map, which had the look and feel of one of those kitschy Map to the Stars’ Home you see people hawking all over Hollywood. This provided art enthusiasts an opportunity to visit the 24 featured artists in their work environment, and if lucky, witness the paint hit the canvas….

Anyways, JL was on the Steve Turner’s Artist map, and despite being situated on skid row, received a number of visitors, like this guy who came to do an interview.

For those that missed it….

..visitors, upon entering the building, were greeted with hot pink signage…

and lots of tape to lead the way…

..and if they weren’t smart enough to figure it out….

ah, haven’t seen this in a while…

…brand new works…

..but before we get to them….

another diamond-shaped painting similar to the one she sold at Steve Turner Contemporary some time back…

great texture.

..now, close-ups of the new, smaller rectangular ¬†paintings…. in this series, JL revisits old themes, as well as experiments with both minimalism and saturation….

down the hall, there was another diamond shaped painting, but presented as a regular square.

Entering the studio…

… encounter earlier works…

… i particularly liked the orange one..

works in progress… and a cool Dyson fan….

refreshments for guests…

work apron…

cool shoes, of course…

..c’est tout.

Tip: JL’s studio hours are by appointment only.

Link: IlliteJ

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