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Highlights from Art Platform – Los Angeles

October 6, 2011 Art, Contemporary No Comments

Art Platform – Los Angeles was an amazing event.

 Here are pictures of what I thought was most interesting….

After the Vernissage party, Madame and I both agreed that there was way too much to take in. So, a couple of days later, we took a tour, led by this New York-based art consultant. It was cool to get her perspective on interesting art at the fair.

The first piece she showed us was this installation by Ai Wei Wei, courtesy of the Haines Gallery in San Francisco. It is titled Snake Bag because, well, it’s in the shape of a snake that spans 55 feet and was made out of 360 children backpacks. It was created in 2008, to commemorate the Sichuan earthquake that took the lives of many school children due to faulty school construction, as a result of local corruption. This was definitely an eye-catching piece with substance.

Next, we were taken to the Leila Heller Gallery‘s booth, where we were introduced to Rachel Lee Hovnian. This was one of my favorite booths of the entire fair. All of the artwork was pretty humorous. I especially liked this piece, which is basically a mirror embedded with bottles of Botox and Narcissus flower blooms.

At London-based Seventeen Gallery‘s booth, we became familiar with Susan Collis, who basically creates ordinary-looking things with luxurious materials, like this pile of crap….there’s platinum in there somewhere.

What I liked more was this piece. Looking like an ordinary screw, it is made of white gold, a diamond, and emerald. Madame said something about wanting to wear it as an earring.

Another spectacular booth at the show belonged to Haunch of Venison, which brought artist Chiharu Shiota to do this insane installation.

Later, we broke away from the tour group and did our own exploration. One of the first things we encountered on our own was this awesome grenade-shaped dresser in Pan American Art Project‘s booth. It was created by this collective that goes by Los Carpinteros.

The Franco/Ramirez video installation was interesting………….. actually, it was pretty freaking boring. hahaha.

….Hermes by Shelter Serra…. Birkins cast in resin.

..more Shelter Serra Hermes….

One of madame’s friends, Devin Troy Strother, had this piece titled Keep that Shit Flowin. I loved it. It was another of my favorites from the fair.

Friend Michael Haight had this piece, titled Sequence #1, at Cirrus Gallery‘s booth. He’s a conceptual type of guy. One day, I’ll have him explain to me why there’s a microphone.

Liked the details.

One of the perks of that nifty VIP card was gaining access to a lounge furnished by Poliform.

..where complimentary Intelligentsia coffee was served!

There were a bunch of after parties thrown over the weekend. Sadly, I was too exhausted to go to any of them. Oh well, next year!

Link: Art Platform – Los Angeles

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