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Touring the Broad Art Foundation

September 25, 2011 Art, Contemporary, Events, Fine Art No Comments

The other day, I joined the MOCA Contemporaries to check out the Broad Art Foundation, which highlighted many great works by notable artists like Anselm Kiefer, Christopher Wool, Albert Oehlen, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Jenny Saville, Elliot Hundley, Gregory Crewdson and many more….

The whole experience took about 2 hours. It was pretty fun. Here are some of the highlights…….

We started on the ground floor, where we met a curator who gave us a very informative tour. I especially liked hearing the back stories of the selected paintings.

Surrounded by works by Christopher Wool.

I liked this one for the humor.

from here, we took an elevator to a floor that had a lot of creepy shit, like this video installation.

..then we went to the rooftop to check out sculptures and the awesome Venice beach view. it was a nice day, so a group photo was taken.

..then we descended to my favorite floor, or the German room.. I really liked this work, Abstand by Albert Oehlen.

Many people gravitated towards Anselm Kiefer’s Laßt tausend Blumen blühen (Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom). It was impressive. I really liked the textures.

From here, we went to another floor of familiar works, like Jenny Saville’s Stare, which was used on the cover of Manic Street Preacher’s Journal for Plague Lovers album.

Finally, we went to a floor featuring new works like Richard Prince’s Another Girl, aka “the porn painting”

The other really strong work on this floor was Elliot Hundley’s Dionysus..

However, to really appreciate it, I had to get close….so many pins sticking out of it.

And there was this humorous box…

Friskies Human Flavor!

….and that’s all the photos that I found in my iphone.

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