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Providence Restaurant – Delicious!

August 4, 2011 Dinner, Drink, Leisure No Comments

EM, my favorite fashion designer friend was in town, visiting from Paris. Haven’t seen her in a while. We selected the 2-Michelin starred Providence as a backdrop for our reunion. Good food. Good drink. Good company. It was fun.


Note: All pictures in this entry were, unfortunately, taken with an iPhone. So, the quality is kind of sucky. Oh well.

We ordered the 5 course tasting menu + wine pairing, and added on a dish I saw them make in the TV show, After Hours with Daniel….

To begin, we were each presented with complimentary cocktails – a mojito iced gelee topped with a micro mint and an egg yolk-looking screwdriver (the vodka and orange juice drink was encased in this thin, gelatinous orb that burst in the mouth). Both were a fun way to start our meal.

Then, came the first of many amuse bouches…eating from right to left, I took a good minute or two to savor this amazing shrimp glazed with deliciousness and mini flowers, then I popped in my mouth, the pastry puff filled with some kind of fish rilletes, and to chase it all down, I gulped some kind of carrot and passion fruit juice. Yum……..

We also partook in the three kinds of bread – bacon brioche, nori focaccia, and sourdough roll – that they were serving that night, which were all pretty good.

the first dish from the actual tasting menu was Japanese Kanpachi from Kagoshima, with red shiso pearl tapioca, cucumber, enoki. it was paired with something white that was from 2010.

Afterwards, to kill time before our next dish, we were presented with two more amuse bouches! This time they came out on sticks. The first, not pictured, was a piece of abalone. The second, the main picture at the top of this entry, was a squid and chorizo combo that was eaten in one bite! Yum.

A short time after, the maître d came to our table, and rolled over this table to present our next dish, which was not part of the tasting menu, but after seeing it prepared on After Hours with Daniel, I had to have….Santa Barbara Spot Prawns, which alive 3 minutes prior to showing up table side!

These were cooked by first laying them in a pan lined with salt and rosemary, and then covered with more salt that’s been heated to 500 degrees! After about 3 minutes, they were dug out of the salt, and plated. They were coated with french aoc extra virgin olive oil and garnished with lemon wedges.

mmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmm

our next dish was Bobby’s Block Island Scallops, errr scallop, which sat on baby beets, almonds, nori, and upland cress. it was paired with a 2009 Riesling from Erben Von Beulwitz winery.

then, came a Wild Alaskan Halibut steak from Sitka, sitting on top of purple runner beans, charred tomato, and epazote pistou. It was paired with a 2010 Rosé de Pinot Noir from Soliste winery.

our last savory dish was a Marcho Farms veal tenderloin from Franconia, PA. It was cooked sous-vide and was accompanied by a sweet pea puree, buna shimeji mushrooms, turnips, and tomato confit. It was paired with a 2005 Rioja Crianza, Viña Cubillo Crianza from Lopez de Heredia winery.

To satisfy the sweet tooth, we had Regier Farms White Nectarines, which came with an almond cake, rasberry, basil, burrata ice cream, and olive oil. It was paired with a 2005 Sainte-Croix-du-Mont from Chateau la Rame.

finally, as a last hurrah, we were presented with petits fours! Again, from right to left, strawberry marshmallow, coconut macarons, and extra sweet pâtes de fruits

 I will definitely be back. CHEEERS!

Link: Providence

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