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Lukshon – Dinner and a Show, if you know where to sit.

July 18, 2011 Dinner, Gourmet, Living No Comments

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally was able to try Lukshon, and even after reading through many detailed reviews of the restaurant, my experience still surpassed my expectations. It was great! The set up was modern and clean. The food was decidedly Southeast Asian-influenced, flavorful and pretty. I definitely plan on becoming a regular patron.

I made reservations for us to sit at the¬†Kitchen Counter, giving us an up-close show of the action. It was fun to see the different chefs’ interactions with each other, as well as watch our meal and other patrons’ dishes being prepped and plated….

In the mood for Scotch, wet my lips on the Fujian cure.

..for starters, we had the Beef Tartare which was infused with chiles, onion, herbs, aromatic rice powder, while sitting on slices of pickled cucumber… this was clean, light, and as one could imagine by the list of ingredients, plenty flavorful.

next, came the soft shell crab, a relatively safe dish. This iteration was served with green mango, chile sambal, shallot lime gastrique, and peanuts. Emi picked this, but I think I ate most of it. hahaha.

As mentioned earlier, sitting at the counter afforded us the pleasure to watch the kitchen in action. Here, a couple of guys are preparing our Spicy Chicken Pops.

Spicy Chicken Pops were frenched drummettes, coated with a mixture of garlic, kecap manis, and spicy sichuan salt. This was without a doubt one of the favorites. Almost every table ordered this dish, and we saw the same two guys making it every time.

Another popular dish that was fun to watch being made was the whole steamed fish, in this case Seabass/Branzino, sitting on Taiwan spinach, topped with black bean ghee, and served with sambal ijo on the side. Though de-boning it was a bit cumbersome, this was one of my favorites of the night. There was a lot of flavor to process, and this dish really makes you appreciate the various provincial spices.

Half way through our fish, we were in the mood for more seafood, so we added the clams and enjoyed watching it being prepared with another table’s order.

Close up of our dish being plated.

Manila clams with nahm jim, thai basil, sausage, and lime leaf

And finally, we had the chiang mai curry noodles, a flavorful medley of chile, tumeric, lemon grass, chicken, prawn, yu choy, and rice noodles. I really appreciated the various textures and spices. It was robust and quite attractive, especially with that prawn emerging from the broth.

Near the end of our meal, we were offered Vietnamese coffee in either hot or cold form. If you couldn’t tell, we chose the latter. Hardly the best I’ve had, it was acceptable.

At the conclusion, we were presented these two complimentary desserts. I forget exactly what was in each, but on the left, in the shot glass was Vietnamese iced coffee pudding? with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, while on the right was some kind of sour mish mash over avocado puree and topped with banana sorbet. The combinations were unique and a fitting end to our visit to Lukshon.

The whole experience was fun. I’ll be back!

Link: Lukshon

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