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Ramen Jinya – Hakata Ramen

February 26, 2011 Gourmet, Japan, Lunch No Comments

After reading reviews about Ramen Jinya in LA Weekly and on Rameniac, I ventured into Studio City to give this place a whirl…

Being my first time, I really wanted to try something special. I was very curious about the tomato seafood ramen served with garlic bread, but alas, they didn’t have any for lunch time. So, I settled on the hakata ramen. I’m not going to lie, I was initially drawn to it as a second choice after reading on the menu that it was limited to 20 servings per day. Ha!

Arriving with a bit of an appetite, I made my order a combo, which added a side salad served with a grated daikon vinaigrette..

…and a small bowl of curry rice.

So, did I like it? Well….. it was okay. I definitely think the reviews that I read overhyped this place. Situated in Studio City, I expected prices to be a higher than the norm and even the taste to be different. The use of fried onions as a garnish to the soup, I think, detracted from the broth. It was unique, but it reminded me of the chinese egg noodle soups. Though I was pleased to find the pork belly slices to be generously cut, a big hunk of it was straight fat. On the plus side, the noodles were properly prepared – firm, slight chew. As for the sides, they weren’t memorable.

I would return and try something else, maybe get lucky, and be able to order that tomato seafood ramen.

Link: Ramen Jinya

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