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FRAICHE – Taking care of my wives…

February 11, 2011 Gourmet, Living No Comments

Had dinner with madame, sooj, and heidi at Fraiche in Culver City. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. So, it was nice to sit down, have stiff drinks, unwind, indulge in good food, and converse…

before being seated, sooj and i chilled at the bar and caught the end of both the Lakers vs Knicks and Clippers vs Cavaliers games…

wrapped my lips around the Penicillin (scotch, ginger, honey, lemon, spritz of islay scotch) and had a bit of the smoked trout rilletes, which was like a pâté that we spread across slices of their amazing bread.

when our table was ready……. we feasted.

started with the Burrata salad, which was served with brocolini, thin slices of bosc pear, hazelnuts, and colored with balsamic.. pretty refreshing. 

someone was grumpy.

Crispy Loup de Mer was a baked fillet of sole served over sunchokes, wild mushrooms, salsifi, and plated with bordelaise

tasty gnochetti sardi was served with a mushroom bolognese and the house made ricotta. yum.

the monkfish picatta is rightfully one of their signature dishes. it was delicious. the three fillets were served with various cauliflowers, raisins, almonds, and capers. rich.

penicillin number 2

to satisfy the sweet tooth… had the pistacchio crème brulée which was paired with an apricot sorbet and rosemary crumble.

we’ll be back………….. someday.

C’est tout!

Link: Fraiche

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