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Billy Kirk No. 164 Small Carryall

February 12, 2011 Fashion, Style No Comments

I picked up this bag about a week ago.. I was getting annoyed about having to juggle in my arms my cycling shoes, two 1-liiter Smart water bottles, iPad, iPhone, and sweater from the locker room to studio cycling class. This one is in addition to the Billy Kirk tote that I use to carry my change of clothes, shoes, dopp kit, and flipflops. I considered getting a regular gym bag, but this one was the right size and looked pretty cool.

..anyways, it’s made of waxed canvas, trimmed with Horween leather, and constructed by Amish people, no joke. I really like the handles and that the shoulderstraps can come off. Quality product.

Actually, this is what the bag looked like when it arrived at my doorstep. Notice, the luggage tag.

I took it off because it made it look too much like… well, luggage.

Instead, I attached a couple of my old, silver Chrome Hearts pendants that I have not worn in ages. A fleur de lis and Harris Teeter by Foti.

This is what it looks like inside. There are two pockets and a snazzy-looking label. Check out the frame around the opening; it adds structure and makes closing it a lot easier.

It also comes in a couple of other sizes and colors, which I may get for airplane rides or weekend getaways. I really like the bag and the brand…and um, that’s about it. Cheers!

Link: Billy Kirk

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