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Odyn Vovk – Ninja Hoodie from Fall Winter 2009 – SCORE!!!

December 18, 2010 Fashion, Style 7 Comments

Been eyeing this for a while now. The stars aligned, and it is now mine… well, in a few days it will be in my possession. just ordered it and upgraded shipping to next day.

Anyways, made from goat, this black leather hoodie was part of Austin Sherbanenko’s first runway collection. Despite being from a few seasons back, the shape is still relevant today. Slim fit and extra long sleeves. I like that the jacket has “ninja” in its name too.

Got it at Gilt for over 50% off!……….stars aligned.

Link: Odyn Vovk

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  1. Clarke says:

    Today it went down to $399 on Gilt, i snatched one up =)

  2. admin says:

    Damn! Now, THAT’s a good deal. hahahaha.

  3. Clarke says:

    Mine arrives in about a week, how do you like yours?

  4. admin says:

    I like the jacket a lot! I wear mine very similar to the runway model – with skinny jeans/trousers and combat boots. It is one of my favorite purchases of the season.

    Because it is made of goat leather, it is a pretty heavy jacket. It was also stiff when i received mine, but i suspect that that was by design; it will get softer with use and age. I appreciate that it is such a durable article of clothing. I can throw the jacket around, and not be worried that it will get marked up or ruined. In fact, similar to jeans, the jacket is meant to be worn hard and will develop a character (markings) that conforms to your body.

    The classic color (dark brown/black) and slim cut definitely makes the ninja hoodie an investment piece. Enjoy yours in good health!

    By the way, the jacket does run small. I normally wear a size small (chest 36), and the odyn vovk medium fits me perfectly.

  5. Clarke says:

    It came last week and the jacket is incredible! It’s the fit is perfect! It was a a bit snug out of the box but after 1 wear its starting to loosen up and mold to my body. I’m so happy, great purchase!

  6. paul says:

    if you guys ever want to sell your small I will buy it!!

  7. Eric says:

    hey paul, I have a medium but it fits like a small. let me know if you are interested

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