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MOCA – The Artist’s Museum Opening

October 31, 2010 Art, Contemporary No Comments

Last night, attended the opening party for Artist’s Museum at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

It was fun.

Lots of people dressed up for Halloween. I wasn’t one of them.

Unfortunately, because a lot of the pieces were on loan, we were not allowed to take pictures of the items in the exhibit. At least I got to take a photo of this amazing Rothko, which is from the permanent collection.

Another cool thing is that I got to see the MOCA Director, Jeffrey Deitch in the flesh at the Geffen Contemporary branch.

Copy+Paste from MOCA:

The Artist’s Museum showcases works by 146 artists who have helped shape the artistic dialogue in Los Angeles since the founding of MOCA over 30 years ago. Based on MOCA’s world-renowned permanent collection, supplemented by key loans from local collectors and artists, this special presentation features over 250 works, including a number of new projects made especially for this occasion. Representing the diversity and uniqueness of the Los Angeles community, the exhibition highlights important works from legendary L.A. artists who remain vital and influential alongside those emerging from renowned local art schools, visionary artists associated with various street cultures and subcultures, and crossover artists connected to performance, music, and film.

Link: MOCA

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