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Ace Gallery – Opening Reception for Achim Freyer

June 20, 2010 Art, Modern No Comments

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception for Achim Freyer’s Light Shadows and Ring Processions at the Wilshire Tower branch of Ace Gallery.

On the invitation, I was most curious by what the gallery called “Performance Action.” Apparently, this was it. A couple of people in scary-looking costumes walking around and mingling with the crowd.

This was the signature piece of the show.

With many items on display, there was a lot to take in. The following are some of the pieces that had me standing and staring for a few… 

In many of his works, you see Freyer use box shapes and a series of rings to create a moving image… looks like a bunch of books spiraling down an infinite vortex.  

This one is pretty fascinating… stare at it long enough and it appears to be a stage design..

This photo does not do this room justice. In any case, it was one of my favorites and illustrates the artsit’s abilities to use physical cues (carefully placed white barrier around the shin-area) and optical illusions (mirror on the floor) to convey a sense of infinity, or a descent down to a dark hell.

As others have noted, the costumes from the latest iteration (and most controversial) of the Ring Opera were actually a bit more interesting than the actual paint on canvas, if only because you could see them up close. Light sabers, wooo!

Another costumed performer.

That’s it.

Engaging art, beautiful people, and free booze. This is how art openings should be.

Ace Gallery

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