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Jacques Louis Gautier – Mephistopheles

May 2, 2010 Art, Sculpture 23 Comments

Many years ago, I came across this amazing bronze sculpture in a Los Angeles shop. Unfortunately, it was already sold and the owner was on his way to pick it up. Ever since, I’ve been looking for another opportunity to come face to face with Mephistopheles.

From Sotheby’s:

Gautier modelled this extraordinary figure of Mephistopheles in the early 1850’s and sent it for display at the Exposition Universelle of 1855. Its idiosyncratic design proved a success and soon after the firm of Duplan et Salles began to cast the model in bronze. Busquet, a critic for the journal L’Artiste was moved to write ‘They have edited this strange Mephistopheles with a long and grimacing profile which one can see, not without some surprise, in the showrooms of the principal stores in Paris’. One customer was the Duchess of Alba, who acquired a cast for the cabinet of Napoleon III.

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  1. Charles M. McGee says:

    I have a sculpture of both Mephistopheles as shown above, and Don Quixote, on the base is twice stampled GAUTIER. and I think the base is deeper on both sculptures than the one depicted. I’ve no idea what they are worth and where I would go about auctioning them, although I see that Sotheby’s has done so before.

  2. admin says:

    depending upon the condition, i’ve seen them between $1500 and $6500

  3. Jacqui Watson says:

    I have two Bronze Warrior women figures by Gautier , but have never seen any information any where about them , any idea’s ?

  4. admin says:

    There really isn’t much on the internet on Jacques Louis Gautier. All I could dig up on him is that Christie’s auction house did note that he had a student named Eucher Girardin.

    There was another bronze by Gautier that was sold at Christie’s (Lot 189 of Sale 8651) – A French bronze figure of a classically draped woman, late 19th century. Cast after a model by Gautier, modelled with flower heads in her hair, leaning on a pile of stones, the naturalistic base inscribed Gautier Edit. and REDUCTION-SAUVAGE — 28¼in. (71.7cm.) high. It sold for $1100 on 1/26/2000.

    You could try out the European art departments of the esteemed auction houses and ask around. Good luck.

  5. Steve says:

    The high art museum of Atlanta has one of Gautier’s Mephistopheles, along with a sculpture by Gautier of a Macbeth witch. Both quite striking.

  6. Hendrik says:

    Good Day I have a sculpture of Mephistopheles …in black signed GAUTIER but without a sword

  7. Ed Gernon says:

    I have the statue! I bought it at Blackman Cruz, on La Cienega in Los Angeles many years ago. I just did a google search because i’ve had to shut down my house in Bev Hills and need to sell a number of items. “Mephistopheles” is near and dear to me, but my partner is spooked by it and would prefer I let him move on.

    If you are interested, please contact me via email (edgernon@pacbell.net) and we can arrange to swap pics or for an in-person viewing.

    Kind regards,

    Ed Gernon

  8. othon olvera says:

    Hello i have the mephistopheles, my grand father give to my father and my father to my, soo im interesting to know it is real and have somebody interesting to bought. im from Mexico city


  9. Renato Garza G says:

    I have a Don Quijote of Jacques Louis Gautier exactly as the photos shown in several art sites, around 35 inches in height in very good conditions…. I would like to know how much it can be worth… I am in Mexico City…

  10. Jim Alan says:

    If you are looking to sell Jacques Louis Gautier bronzes, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address: (finelinesjim@hotmail.com) ————- Many Thanks, Jim

  11. Kadean Brinkmann says:

    I have the sculpture and I’m looking to sell it…$1600, firm. Will pay shipping costs. It’s been appraised at 1800-2500 bux. I’ve had it for about 18 years…a friend brought it back from London—his wife was freakeked out by it, at which point I acquired it.

  12. Jamie says:

    I also have this statue of Mephistopheles signed by J. Gautier but it is hand-painted Poly-Chrome. I spoke to a French antiques dealer and he said it is valued at around $1500. If you are interested in purchasing, you can email me at jamielengland@gmail.com.

  13. Bertha Vazquez says:

    To Kadeam Brinkman,
    I would be interested in contacting you about your statue. Please e-mail me at ksaralegui@yahoo.com.

  14. kris says:


    I have one…not signed. But is is clearly a copy. And it is damaged, but repaired. Does anybody know more about the amount of duplicates been made?



  15. I have a lovely nut-brown bronze of Mephistopheles, 34 inches high with removable sword. He cost me around
    three hundred pounds in 1984. I do know that copies have been made, in fact for a short while, there was a shop in
    London selling all things Russian and they had copies of Gautier’s bronze in cast-iron. Such a cheek.
    You will spot a nice one in the original Thomas Crown Affair, starring Steve McQueen.

  16. I have an original stamped Gautier Mephistopheles bronze with removable sword. It was a gift from family friends who brought it over from Austria before the outbreak of WWII. It was appraised about 10 years ago at $10,000. The bronze is in mint condition. Interested parties may contact me via email.

  17. Sr Gonzalez says:

    I I have two original bronze sculptures “Mefistopheles by Gautier” a is finished in green and one in brown color with black patina, additionally I have another sculpture “Satan by J. Feuchère dated 1833”. All these pieces I have for sale if anyone is interested. The sculptures are in the City of Mexico. tgonzalezavis@hotmail.com

  18. jim says:

    As I understand copies were made in Russia , they were a little smaller and made of cast iron.I have seen original Mephistopheles by Gautier in bronze and lead, Also I have heard of a polychromed model in white metal, but have only seen these via pictures. This is from the character in Faust. It was “all the rage” in Paris back when these were made 1870??

  19. Alexandra says:

    I have one mephistopheles statue for selling. It is signed. In case anyone is interested please email me at xpaixao@yahoo.com. I am in Portugal.

  20. Diego Gregorio says:

    I am interested in purchasing a Gautier Mephistopheles. Interested parties please email me.

  21. Angela Past says:


    This is being offered on April 16 in Los Angeles. No sword.

  22. es says:

    I have a black mephistopheles statue if anyone is interested. Stamped with made in ussr in 1960. It does have the sword. I can provide some pictures if asked.

  23. Carla Van says:

    I have a pair of candlesticks, one is Mephistopheles and the other is Don Quixote. Plus have one of the swords. I have not seen the sword with any of the candlestick images. (Kids love them.) I am interested in selling these candlesticks. Please email me for photos and more information.

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