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Shirin – Persian Deliciousness

March 27, 2010 Gourmet, Iran 2 Comments

Found another pretty good Persian Restaurant out in the valley.

Baghali Polo. Baked Lamb Shank in Tomato Sauce served with Basmati Rice Mixed with Fresh Dill and Baby Lima Beans and Saffron.
I really liked the rice here, so much so that I ate the entire serving! The massive amounts of dill made it fragrant and provided a very appetizing texture. The lamb was pretty good; it fell off the bone. The sauce was a bit thin, but that’s okay. I’m definitely coming back for more. 

Chicken Barg. Skewered Charbroiled Marinated Chicken Breast served with Broiled Tomato, Vegetables and Basmati Rice with Saffron
My friend ordered this and loved it. As the portions were giganormous, she plopped half of the chicken on to my plate. So, I tried it and was very impressed. At a lesser restaurant, this would’ve been dry as Hell, but not here. It was so juicy and flavorful. If white meat is your thing, I’d recommend this.

Link: Shirin Restaurant

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  1. […] Last time, I got the salad, which was so underwhelming that I didn’t bother taking a photo (basically, it was a garden salad with ranch dressing). This time, I opted for the soup. A’ash-e Reshteh is what I think they call it. It’s a hearty vegetable soup with some noodles. I’m definitely getting this going forward. It was pretty thick, almost like a curry. mMmMmMm…. I actually liked this more than my stew. […]

  2. […] Always on the look out for interesting items, I ordered the Lamb Shank Birria, which included a 21 oz braised lamb shank, served with pickled onions, rice, and corn, in some kind of chile broth. Presentation-wise, it was acceptable. Taste-wise, it was well, edible. There was no wow factor, and actually, left me a bit disappointed. Though the meat was tender and fell right off the bone, it did not appear that it was properly marinated. The trimmings weren’t very spectacular, as well. Oh well, lesson learned. I think I will stick to ordering Lamb shanks only at Persian restaurants. […]

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