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Curry Up Cafe – kind of crappy

March 17, 2010 Gourmet, Japan 4 Comments

Curry was way too sweet. bleh.

the salad, however, was pretty tasty.

I’ll come back, if I get amnesia.

Link: Curry Up Cafe

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  1. Chef Wongie says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t have the kind of great experience that many regular fans have had here. If you did have a suggestion, you could have told us when you were here, rather that saving how you feel for a website. WE are here to Listen to Your suggestions to make things better for you and everyone. Having a restaurant in the economy is not easy. People say this and that, it makes me go all over the place with the food. I really want to please my guests as much as we can. So much to say….

    I invite you to work a week with me and see if you can better appreciate what we do here. Sunday we drop off meals to skid row.

    Chef wongie

  2. admin says:

    If I pay for a meal, it better be at least, short of spectacular. Otherwise, I’d just cook for myself. I understand that it is impossible to please everyone. However, others have expressed the same sentiment on Yelp. Given that their reviews were dated a while ago, I gave this place the benefit of the doubt. I thought you had taken their recommendations/criticism to heart and improve the recipe. Clearly, it needs more tweaking.

    Here’s my Yelp Review:

    I really wanted to like this place, especially since it is the only place in Woodland Hills that serves Japanese-style curry. My usual go-to spots are both on Sawtelle (Hurry Curry of Tokyo and the Curry House chain), way too far away from where I work.

    Though edible, the food could use additional tweaking.

    My friends and I all ordered the pork cutlet curry, and noted that it looked pretty appetizing (I posted a photo), though the cutlet looked a bit overcooked/burnt. Ultimately, this dish is entirely dependent upon the sauce. We liked that the sauce was served “home style” (w/ potatoes and carrots in the sauce), and in a separate bowl. However, taste-wise, it was just too sweet and condensed for all of us. It also lacked that “oomph” that would make each spoon a pleasurable experience. I ordered mine Spicy (level 3) and it had some kick. I probably could stomache the “Freaking Hot” (level 4), but was turned off by the additional charge for it.

    One thing that was pretty good here was the side house salad that came with the meal. It was also good size, and was pretty tasty. I really liked their salad dressing; I believe they make it themselves, and sell it separate for home consumption.

    In any case, it looks like the owner cares a lot about his restaurant, so I hope he takes this criticism as constructive and improves the curry.

    By the way, it is very cool of you to donate food to skid row. However, it does not make up for the fact that I thought the curry wasn’t very good.

  3. Chef Wongie says:

    well i recently made the curry less sweet and boosted up other flavors just for you. Curry is not easy to just change to make better, but I am trying. With about 35 different elements of ingredients and techniques, changing one has effects on the rest of the ingredients. so far i have gotten some good reports on it. thank you for your input, i hope you can give us another chance sometime. I am working on a bulgogi cheeseburger soon. so something the look forward to and move on to. thank you for your time and thoughts

    P.S. past reviews long ago say hey its not “Curry Enough” so then its curry enough, but now it’s a little sweet. how can i win? without buying the curry cubes that Everyone uses? well, i’ll figure it out.

    here is my yelp business reply.

    I will try to make the curry a little less sweet, but understand that if it is not sweet, then it is too hot for many and that will put off more people than you know.
    Pork is a dryish meat as we use the loin with has not really much fat to help keep the cutlet most in the frying process. I apologize if it was our fault that we over fry it. we tend not to, but in a rush it can happen. Once again, if we move to a more fatty pork butt for a cutlet it will not be very flat and you get less.
    thank you for your words, I hope you can understand and hope you can give us another chance to improve

  4. Chef Wongie says:

    thank you thank you thank you! since the couple of changes in the curry recipe, it has been getting good feedback reviews. i just want to thank you for getting me to that direction. For a unbiased sample – order take out and have someone pick it up for you and i hope you can see the results. ( although i think take out is not the best way to eat food due to the loss of tempurature of the food makes to food have less quality. ) if you are not up to it or don’t trust me, you can try a bulgogi taco or kalua pork taco, i never get any complaints on those. we also have bulgogi burgers now. thank you.

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