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Yoshitaka Amano – Deva Loka

February 21, 2010 Art, Contemporary, Events No Comments

The main room at the LeBasse opening catered to the works of Yoshitaka Amano, which were decidedly anime. Though not my cup of tea, I could appreciate the work and finish of each piece – specifically, the use of glittery paint for background to give depth to each of the character portraits. In any case, the crowd was eclectic (with a few even in cosplay), and there were free drinks!

Here are a few of the standouts…


Copy + Paste from LeBasse Projects:

Legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano will make a rare U.S. appearance with his newest exhibit, DEVA LOKA, created especially for a U.S exhibition and named for the ancient Indian land of God. As an ode to his childhood love for American comics, culture and automobiles, Amanoʼs latest breathtaking and vibrant pieces are boldly coated with auto paint and metallic glitter.

Amano is widely acclaimed for his work in animation and video games. He is renowned for designing the characters for the hit video game, Final Fantasy, as well as for anime films includingVampire Hunter D, Guin Saga, Final Fantasy, and Front Mission.

“Between the late 60ʼs and the 70ʼs, and during my early years in the art world, I was greatly influenced by American comic books and pop culture. Iʼd like to show my gratitude for the inspiration America gave me with this exhibit. With the theme of DEVA LOKA, all of my concepts and influences are able to come together, centered in one place. I hope everyone enjoys my show.” Deva Loka will be Amanoʼs first major exhibition in Los Angeles.

It’s worth checking out.

Yoshitaka Amano
LeBasse Projects

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