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Shin-Sen-Gumi: Hakata Ramen

October 4, 2009 Gourmet, Japan, Living No Comments

Shin-Sen-Gumi is AWESOME. I regularly visit for yakitori. However, today, I was in a ramen mood, so I went to their Hakata Ramen restaurant on Redondo Beach Blvd, and ordered their namesake. The food was amazing and the experience was great. There was a lot of yelling in Japanese and most charming, good, attentive service!

Hakata Ramen comes with tonkotsu soup, which is made by slowly simmering pork belly and pork bones. What is pretty cool about Shin-Sen-Gumi is that you can custom order pretty much any part of your ramen. It was my first time there, so I stuck with everything normal – normal noodle hardness, normal soup flavor, normal amount of oil. At the “default” setting, it was still very good. 

What was also cool was that when I finished my noodles and started on my half-size order of Soboro don, the waiter asked me if I wanted extra noodles – Kaedama. Looking at my bowl still filled with a good amount of soup, I said OK. At a cost of an extra $0.95, I expected maybe a half portion more of noodles. Instead, the ramen chef plopped a full-size amount of noodles into my bowl!!! So, I was basically eating two servings of ramen. And yea, I finished it. =P

In lieu of getting the fried rice, which I normally do when eating ramen, I ordered the half-size Soboro-don, ground chicken rice bowl. It was tasty!

Where the ramen magic happens. I sat at the counter and had a great view of the ramen chef preparing my noodles.

Ramen is not something I eat that often, but next time I do, I will be hard pressed not to return to Shin-Sen-Gumi.


Link: Shin Sen Gumi

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