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Rivera: Learning about Latin Culture through Food

October 1, 2009 Gourmet, Living 1 Comment

To properly see EM off on her one year adventure in Paris, Madame JL organized an intimate get together of cool people at the much-hyped Rivera in Downtown Los Angeles. I was happy to go along for the ride. 

Started the night with a spicy drink called the Barbacoa. It was tequila-based and made up of chipotle, jalapeno, and ginger. Pretty refreshing.

Sampled the Tortillas Florales, house made nixtimal tortillas were served with “Indian Butter,” read fancy guacamole.

 Piquillos Rellenos. Spanish Peppers stuffed with Chorizo, Golden Raisins, and Gruyere. I liked this one quite a bit.

 Choros al Vapor. Mussels, Chorizo, in an Aji Amarillo-Pisco Broth.

 SH savoring….

Bacalao negro fresco. Black Cod with Serrano Ham Crisp. Check out that image of a pepper shaker made out of pepper! Pretty cool. 

 Playa Bar Ceviche. Ahi tuna, Serranos, Lime, Avocado.

The Carne Churasco. 6oz Prime Rib-eye, cabrales, onion foam. This was pretty good. The presentation was spot on as well.

 Fletan. Seared Halibut, Tomatilos, Tempura Chiles.

 Maya Puerco Pibil Sous Vide. Banana Leaf braised Pork Shoulder served with Peruvian Potatoes. My absolute favorite of the night. Whenever I see cochinita pibil on the menu, I have to get it. This variation did not disappoint. The meat was tender, the sauce a nice complement. I will definitely get this again.


 To round off the meal, picked up a couple of desserts.

Estudio en flan. 3 kinds of flans served with 3 different sauces. They were arranged from least (R) to most (L) dense. The middle one was my favorite.

 Bizcocho de Avellana. Hazlenut-chocolate sponge with orange-cava sorbet. Pretty.


EM. All for you.


Link: Rivera

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