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MTB Ride: Turnbull Canyon – Made it out alive!

September 20, 2009 Mountain Biking, Sport No Comments

Yesterday, CQ, JW, CC, PH, and I mountain biked Turnbull Canyon out in Whittier. Prior to this meet, some of the guys were circulating some old articles around, describing the area as a magnet for murders, KKK, devil worshipping, and other creepy stuff….apparently, the threat of being eaten by mountain lions wasn’t enough.

anyways, we did two loops and called it a day.

the beginning was an uphill fireroad with a reasonable incline. we went around the water tower at the top, and made our way through a white fence, where we put on our armor to tackle the second half of the loop… which was pretttty fun. The first part, with tight turns and a pretty uneven path, was the more challenging to maneuver. There was an additional, short incline before we got to the speedy wide fire road that took us back to the beginning.

The first time around, other than losing a water bottle along the way, there were no major mishaps. We were pumped to do it again.

The second time around, however, we weren’t so lucky. On the first downhill, I took a tight turn too fast, fishtailed and had my front tire caught in a deep groove, flipping me over the handlebars. Luckily, I had my stormtrooper armor on and only got a minor bruise on my right hip, where there was no padding. PH, I think, got caught in a similar spot and without pads, wasn’t as lucky. He got scraped up good enough to draw some blood, but overall continued to do well.

PH showing off battle wounds.

Until next time.

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