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Possessed by Demons or just plain Sleep Paralysis.

September 22, 2009 Lessons, Living, Read 1 Comment

I distinctly remember the first time I experienced Sleep Paralysis… it was not very fun. Honestly, I was pretty freaked out of my mind….

Like the above painting depicts, I felt a tremendous pressure on my chest, but it was not static. Instead, it was a penetrating force, a spirit if you will, that seemed to want to invade my body. I could imagine an opaque spirit stream enter and exit through my head and chest, all the while, my arms and legs lay limp.

During the episode, I recall thinking, “Fuck, an evil demon wants to take over my body to do some bad shit on earth and then leave me holding the bag.” Instinctively, I had to fight it, telling it, “Fuck you, you’ll never take me!”

I was pretty scared. The whole thing lasted for a good 5 minutes or so.

Since then, I have experienced attempted demon possession a handful of times (most recent being a few weeks ago), usually when I sleep on my back and my arms are stretched above my head, leaving my body fully exposed. 

These days, I’m much more calm about these experiences, sometimes to the point of even welcoming the sensation. Once, I even granted permission to the demon, saying “Go ahead and take me. I’m ready to cause some mayhem!” Of course, nothing of consequence has happened since.

Or perhaps, I am possessed and the demon in me is just lying dormant, waiting for an opportune moment to reveal itself….

I should probably curb my imagination right here for real fear of some of my overly religious friends trying to kidnap me to exorcise my demon(s). =P 

In any case, I recently found this really good Wikipedia entry on Sleep Paralysis that talks about the phenomenon.

Worth the Read!

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  1. dianac says:

    I get these all the time, and they are unpleasant. One time I imagined a hooded figure next to me, dementor-like. I’ve been scared of these incidents ever since.

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