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It is (faux) Astrakhan.

September 14, 2009 Fashion, Style 4 Comments

Still fascinated by the texture of my new jacket, and forgetting exactly what kind of material it was made of, phoned up the shop and asked. They remembered me and somehow, instinctively knew why i called. The material is Astrakhan (baby lamb), but quickly assured that it was faux…

Did some research, and found out that real Astrakhan is the pelt of a baby (1 to 2 days old) karakul lamb. When they are born, their hair is black, shiny, and so tightly curled that they form ridges. The act of obtaining these furs is pretty gruesome. In any case, these furs were considered status symbols and popular among the Russian elite back in the commie days. 

The jacket I got retains much of the same properties as Astrakhan, but it is faux…. Mohair (which is shorn from Angora goats without harming them) is wound on spindles and steamed to produce the wavy texture.

Much more humane! Way to go Dior Homme!!!

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  1. neil says:

    Can I get the reference number for this jacket, to help in my search of finding it?

  2. admin says:

    Sure. The tag has a bunch of numbers; I’m not sure which is the reference number so I’ll just give you all of them.

    9H3142731126 – 902
    Blouson Col Haut 2 Zip
    900 Noir

  3. neil says:

    Thank you. I still can not find it. Is there any possibility you may change your mind on selling the jacket?

  4. […] For this winter season, Zara did a wholesale copy of one of Kris Van Assche’s masterpieces from last year. I never really liked Zara (mainly because of crappy fabric and stitch quality) but this just sucks…. especially considering that I own the exclusive Dior jacket. […]

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