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Bike Upgrade: Fizik Aliante K:IUM Saddle in ORANGE!

August 1, 2009 Mountain Biking, Sport, United States of America 1 Comment

Wanting to add some color to my all-black mountain bike, I opted for a new saddle since it was one of the quickest and cheapest ways to accomplish my goal. There is nothing wrong with the Cannondale-branded one that came stock; it was comfortable and did its job. I just got bored with its appearance.

However, understanding that the saddle is one of the most important, if not the most important contact for a cyclist, I could not simply pick the first colorful thing that caught my eye. If it looked good but caused numbness down there or gave me a sore ass, I knew I would make excuses to not cycle.

Researching, I found the offerings from Fizik – or fi’zi:k, as its spelled on the company’s website – to be highly regarded for its comfort by both the mountain biking and road-going set. The Aliante model was called out numerous times; many cyclists noted how they were able to ride for extended periods of time with it.

At first, I was discouraged since most retailers only carried it in white or black, which defeated the whole purpose of me replacing my saddle. I comtemplated the offerings from Selle San Marco and Selle Italia, because you know the Italians know color! I almost pulled the trigger on one of those until I read too many negative reviews for my taste.

Then, as if by fate, I came across this orangina beauty. =)

You will notice that it says “test,” and that is because these are normally provided to bike shops for customers to sample, and are not supposed to be for sale. I guess I was fortunate to find a roundabout way of picking up a new one. >=)

It is from the Gamma line and has K:IUM rails, which is made up of a proprietary alloy that supposedly provides strength while simultaneously reducing weight – 8% less than solid titanium – (i.e. having cake….). It also has the ICS (Integrated Clip System) feature, which allows for attachment of other fizik stuff (saddle bag, tail lights, etc.) which I will probably also get in the future.

I am not certain of the weight but it is definitely not the lightest. Still, mission accomplished.



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  1. Chad says:

    I too fell in love at first site with the orange test Aliante saddle, I was at my local bike shop just browsing and there it was. I asked the owner of the shop if I was able to purchase it and he said they were not supposed to sell them but he would check on pricing and get back to me. I ended up throwing down a $50 deposit and had them mount the test saddle on my baby so I can 1. see if I like the way that particular model feels and 2. get a feel for that orange color on my bike… I hope the shop owner ends up selling it to me…

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