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Yum Cha at Ocean Seafood

June 15, 2009 Gourmet No Comments

Yum cha is one of those things that is best experienced with good company. Before hitting up the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl, I took JS to Ocean Seafood, one of the morning spots that I frequented a lot with my parents while growing up. The dim sum here is amazing. quality stuff… mMmmMm…

Did you know that when someone pours tea for you…

You’re supposed to tap the table with three fingers of the same hand; it is an expression of gratitude to the person who filled your cups. Also known as finger kowtow, this action of finger-tapping has historical significance.

The gesture recreates a tale of Imperial obedience and can be traced to the Qianlong Emperor, a Qing Dynasty emperor who used to travel incognito. While visiting South China, he once went into a teahouse with his companions. In order to maintain his anonymity, he took his turn at pouring tea. His stunned companions wanted to kowtow for the great honour. Instead of allowing them to disclose his identity, the emperor told them to tap three fingers on the table. One finger represented their bowed head and the other two represented their prostrate arms.
—from Wikipedia.

Anyways, here is what we ate:

B.B.Q Pork Bun…

Har Gow…

Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf…

opening up the lotus leaf….

Chicken Feet….

Shrimp Rice Noodle..

short ribs with black pepper sauce.

shrimp cilantro dumpling…

freshly cooked turnip cake….

shiu mai..

fancy har gow. 

 all.. so, so good…..mMMMMmmm.. 

Link: Ocean Seafood Restaurant

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