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MTB Ride: Westridge-Sullivan Canyon

June 15, 2009 Mountain Biking 1 Comment

This past weekend, JC, PH, and I explored a new trail in the Westridge-Sullivan Canyon, near Brentwood. We spent a good 3 hours checking out the landscape, and concluded that this is the best spot so far. It is a good beginner route, in that the ascent was relatively flat, while offering some obstacles for our shocks to absorb.

Near the entrance, it was pretty serene.


At times, I felt like I was in the movie, Predator.

taking a break, JC watering the tree.

Eventually, the trail got a bit technical. I like.

Requisite bike picture.

the descent down back to our cars was a lot of fun….

however, i did eat it pretty hard on the rocky single track. i don’t recall exactly what happened. i could’ve lost balance, might have hit a bad rock, i don’t know. i just know that all of a sudden, i flipped over the handle bars, got thrown off the bike, and instinctively covered my face with my right arm – there were some pretty sharp rocks. fortunately, my backpack took the brunt of the impact.

i was surprised that i got up with very little pain; even now, i only feel a slight discomfort when i press the bruise on my right inner thigh. for a brief second, i was kind of amused to see my bike upside down on the side of the track.  i did check out my bike and found all to be okay, no broken parts. this incident definitely made me appreciate my helmet and want to upgrade my safety equipment as soon as possible. 

i’m sure i have and am thankful for having a guardian angel watching out for me. at the speed i was going, i know i could have broken bones, or worse.

here is PH sporting some of his own battle wounds. 

It was fun. We’ll be back again. Cheers!

Link: Westridge-Sullivan Canyon

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  1. JUSTIN says:

    that looks fun!! take me there.

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