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MTB Ride: Del Cerro Park

May 25, 2009 Mountain Biking No Comments

On this Memorial Day holiday, I took the bike to check out the nearby trails in Rancho Palos Verdes. Specifically, I went to Del Cerro Park, which not only has great paths but is also known for its amazing ocean views.

At the entrance, there are signs warning people of the wild life.

At the top, just past the entrance, looking down.

There is a main, wide path for bicyclists, hikers, as well as horses (i did encounter some serious mounds of shit)….


… and a variety of trails (for all skill levels) that branch off of it… like this one, Eagle’s Nest Trail. On a whim, I decided to take it.

At the end of this uphill trail, there were a bunch of pine trees, and a stone bench to take in the fresh air. This little area is named the Harman Overlook, named after donors to the region.

The view from the Harman Overlook.

Looking back to where I came from, I could appreciate the long journey I would take going back up.

The Eagle’s Nest Trail was the only trail I took off of the main path. I did continue quite a ways down the mountain (so much fun!) and met some friendly people… before backtracking uphill to the car (quite the workout!). 

Overall, this place is very nice and I will have to explore more trails next time. But before I do, I’ll have to get a refresher on how to treat snake bites.

Until next time…

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