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Celebrating at Animal – so effing good!

May 5, 2009 Events, Gourmet No Comments

On the eve of MF‘s birthday, a small group of us had a nice, intimate dinner at Animal, which I think is an awesome name for a restaurant. Opened not too long ago, the place has received a lot of press and hype… and it is all well-deserved….

I like how they update their menu from time to time to take advantage of the freshest products in season.

One of the most popular dishes served this night were these little barbeque pork belly, slaw sandwiches…  so good.

 the melted petit basque, chorizo, garlic bread .. cheesy.. mMmMMm..

poutine, oxtail gravy, cheddar …

sliced fluke, citrus, mint, sea salt, jalapeno …. clean tasting.

the pork belly sandwiches were so good we had to order more!

balsamic pork ribs…
served with rocket (type of arugula), mustard greens, raisins, pine nuts on the side…
..the meat was so tender and was easily pulled away from the bone.

foie gras loco moco, quail egg, spam, hamburger …

something kind of funny… when dessert rolled around.. we tried to deter MF from picking the strawberry option since we had planned to surprise her at midnight with a strawberry cake.. however, with strawberries in season, i knew it would be a challenge to get MF to not eat strawberries…. i was able to convince most of the table to just get the chocolate pudding….but of course, she really wanted the strawberries… we couldn’t say no…. we failed… to make up for it.. gave a brief note to the hostess… and they presented the strawberry option with a candle.. =) 

pound cake, strawberries, cream ….

Happy Birthday My Precious!

oh, and the jar of pudding was pretty good as well…

it was a nice evening.


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