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Camping at Leo Carillo State Park: Day 2 of 3

April 29, 2009 Events 2 Comments

Day 2 was another really good chill day.

MC making breakfast – scrambled eggs, tater tots, sausages. Using leftover cheese and tortillas from the night before, we made tacos/burritos.

In the morning, we were debating whether to first go hiking or go to the beach.

We went to the beach….

Power Rangers CS and MF


AL and CC standing on wet sand.

After getting some sun, we came back to the campsite to eat.

Team ROCKIN THE WURST (CS, DK, and MF) made bacon-wrapped hot dogs with onions cooked in bacon fat. I’ve always wanted to try this but was hesitant to eat this on the street.

DK digging for some inspiration.

CS and MF. In the background, JT2 and Deuce.


MF toasting buns.

More chilling.

Deuce walking around.

After lunch, most everyone took a nap. CC and AL went hiking.

This picture gives the illusion of real camping.

As the sun went down, Team ROCK YO SOCKS OFF (AL, JC, and JT2) did some cooking. They made galbi burgers.

JT managing the fire.

Running low on firewood, we found things around the campsite to burn. We told stories and made more s’mores.

… when we ran out of things to burn, we called it a night.

Running shoes. JT went running in the morning; wish I brought mine. Some light exercise would’ve been a good way to feel less guilty about all of the calories ingested over the weekend.
Plan for a case of beer per person. We ran out on the second day and fortunately, the stock was replenished when JT2 showed up.
Lanterns. Cannot be stressed enough.

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