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Camping at Leo Carillo State Park: Day 1 of 3

April 28, 2009 Events 4 Comments

This past weekend, a bunch of friends and I took a retreat to the Leo Carillo State Park in Malibu. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a while now, and gosh, was it fun!

Here are some of the highlights from Day 1.

Our campsite was up a mini hill from the cars; it was pretty spacious, easily accommodating our 5 tents and 15 person-or-so party. Tip: the campground rules allow 8 people and only 3 cars per site [yes, we broke them and even had the rangers pay us a visit =X]. There is an overflow parking lot near the entrance, which is where I ended up moving my car. Overnight parking is $10 and gates are closed between 10pm and 7am.

It took a few of us 20-minutes or so to put up our tent, which performed beautifully. It’s a 6-person (King Pine) Dome from L.L. Bean. With a built-in mesh-enclosed patio, it looked cool and totally fit our needs. Not seen here, but the patio can also close up (cover the mesh) and could have fit additional people; we used it to hold our bags and gear. Tip: the footprint that is sold separately for the tent covers the patio’s floor. In the sleeping area, we were able to fit two fully-inflated queen-sized, Aerobed air mattresses. I get cranky if I don’t get good sleep, so these were a must, and are highly recommended, if NOT roughing it is an option!

MF color coordinating with the tent.

The view from the entrance of our tent.

with shelter all set up, it was time to chill……..

CC holding a beer. JT sitting.

TM, JT, and MC enjoying a japanese magazine. Well, TM mostly. JT is probably facebooking and MC is happy to be there.

JC holding a stick and PH looking cool. MF also taking a picture of PH looking cool.

JT grilling a few hot dogs.

Satisfying some hunger.

mini-sirloin burger from Jack in the Box..mMmmmMmmm.

More chilling. CC getting another beer.

CS posing with a magazine.

MF toasting a marshmallow.

TM taking photos.

CS performing heimlich maneuver on MF.

Getting late……MF2, TM, PH, and JT started cooking dinner. Corn in foil.

Cooking and cutting meat… lots of meat.


After dinner… MF playing with night vision goggles.

CS and AL toasting more marshmallows.

CS, DK, and MF making some s’mores.

End of Day 1.

Reservations are a must.
Overnight parking is plentiful and costs $10.
There are coin-operated hot showers and flushable toilets.
In case you forget something, there is a store that carries everything you might need.
The onsite store opens at 8am and serves coffee. Starbuxxx is also nearby.
Bring Lanterns. Propane ones are best for outdoors. The more the better.

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Leo Carillo State Park

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  3. Huy Nguyen says:

    hi, i’m planning a camping trip out there to Leo Carrillo and similar to you, we will be breaking the rule of having more than 8 people. what did the rangers say when they found out you had >8 peeps with u? did they kick you out? what happened? any input would be much appreciated.

  4. admin says:

    We had people get up and walk around until the rangers left.

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