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Museum of American Finance Tracking the Credit Crisis

March 29, 2009 Economy 1 Comment

I did not know that we had a museum dedicated to Finance. I think that is so cool!

Anyways, I first heard about this museum last week while listening to a Wall Street Journal podcast. They were talking about their newest exhibit that will help the public understand the whole economic mess we are currently in.


The following is a copy + paste from the museum’s website:

“Tracking the Credit Crisis: A Timeline” traces the development of the current financial crisis, which is the most severe and complex economic and financial challenge in modern experience.

Presented as a monumental 8’ x 20’ graphical wall accompanied by a video presentation, the timeline begins with the bursting of the U.S. housing bubble in late 2006 through the unprecedented trillions being guaranteed and injected into the private sector in 2008-2009 by the government. President Barack Obama’s stimulus package of almost $800 billion is part of the stabilization effort to forestall a financial collapse, in a global environment in which some $40 trillion in wealth has been lost (on paper) in the last 18 months. The U.S. government’s actions represent a watershed in American economic and political history.

 You can download the giganormous timeline in pdf form from the museum’s website. 

Museum of American Finance
New York museum opens exhibit on credit crisis, Reuters, published 3/25/09

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