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Mike & Chris (NOT going out of business) Going Out Of Business Sale

March 28, 2009 Events, Fashion 1 Comment

This morning, a friend and I hit up the Mike & Chris Going Out of Business Sale at the POOLTRADESHOW. We got there about 30 minutes early and there were about 70 people or so ahead of us. So by the time we got in, the racks were ravaged and all the leather jackets (which was the reason why everyone came or continued to line up outside when we left) were accounted for. The jackets were selling for about 3bills (they usually retail for a grand). Note to self: next time, arrive at least 1 hour early. Regardless, I did manage to find a few decent pieces.

I picked this light cotton twill coat from the Spring/Summer 09 Collection for the price of a Lacoste polo. It fit nicely, but I’m going to change the buttons to something a little more…. me… maybe red?

I also got this jersey cotton hoody also from the Spring/Summer 09 Collection. This was really cheap and I liked the fit.

Though the main draw was Mike & Chris, there were quite a few other labels represented. I scored these Generic Man – Savant shoes in a grey patent leather for a 1/3 of the retail price.

Overall, the event was cool. A lot of hipsters, free drinks, and a cool soundtrack.

By the way, Mike & Chris are not really going out of business; it’s just some miscommunication.

Mike & Chris
Generic Man

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  1. Anny says:

    Omg, I got there at noon and just kept driving when I saw the insane line. I came back later to check it out and was so disappointed. Looks like you did good though! Very nice. Yeah, but I recommend the Mike&Chris sample sales at their HQ office. That’s where I got mine. 🙂

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