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I Scored the KAWS Dissected Companion Bearbrick =)

March 6, 2009 Art, Contemporary, Sculpture No Comments

This morning, I got this email notification…

Initially, I thought cool…. then, with the recent hype of KAWS and growing fan base (all well-deserved), I had to prepare for dissapointment =T. Purchasing items the day of a new release on KAWS’ retail site is always a toss up for me. So many factors come into play – the speed of my internet connection, how quickly I can click my mouse button, controlling my nerves as 9am arrives, having patience as the website lags, ability to input my info, and mental toughness to stick with it…

Fortunately, these days, the website loads a lot faster and does not “time out,” like when the original dissected companions were released (I failed all three times in getting those – still sad about that).

When the website finally loaded around 9:01 AM (california time), I instinctively clicked the “set.” The website took another minute or so to load. Woohoo! Not sold out yet. Keeping my mental fingers crossed, as quickly as I could, I added the set of 400% and 100% bearbricks and went to checkout. I did hesitate for a second, thinking whether I should go back to get the 1000% as well. At around 9:05 AM, I figured it was not worth the risk of losing out on the set.

I input all of my info with lightning quickness, submitted my order, and was delighted to see the confirmation page. Success!

As I write this, the set is already sold out (it did around 9:20 or so). This will undoubtedly be the highlight of my week =)

Here are some turnaround pics of the KAWS dissected bearbrick:


Close-up of the guts:



 Link: KAWS

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