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1962 Ferrari 250 GTO makes its Hot Wheels debut in 2009

March 7, 2009 Cars, Driving No Comments

Hot Wheels are one of my guilty pleasures. They were a big part of my childhood; I used to carry at least a couple of them in my pocket. I don’t anymore. =P

Anyhow, once in a while, I like to hit up the local Toys R Us to see what kind of cool cars are available. Most often, I am just looking, amused at the manufacturer’s 1/64 scale rendering of real life automobiles. Usually, nothing really wows me, so I just smile to myself and head on my way. 

Today, however, I came across something you do not see everyday, something special…


Just below eye-level, chilling amongst a dark blue Aston Martin V8 Vantage, a Ford GTO, and some make-believe car, was a Ferrari 250 GTO!!! WOW!!! Not only was it a mini-version of one of the most awesomest cars in the world, it was also black. It was an all-the-stars-are-aligned moment.

As a die hard Ferrari fan, I had to have it. I’m not one to leave it in the packaging and stare. I need to touch it and roll it around on my desk! =)


With only 36 of the 296hp V12-powered Ferrari GTOs in the world, and the last one exchanging hands in 2008 for $28.5 million, the 250 GTO is among the most covetable of the prancing horses.

Designed by Sergio Scaglieti, the 250 GTO has the classic racing lines that modern cars still use as a benchmark.

Back in the 1960s, the 250 GTO dominated over everyone at the World Sports Car championship.

This car is so amazing that every five years, French champagne maker Moët & Chandon sponsor a get-together for current 250 GTO members. The last one took place in 2007 at Infineon Raceway, here in California!

Above photo by: Moët & Chandon / Stephane Foulon

Famous current owners of this legendary car include designer Ralph Lauren and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.

According to the Hot Wheels wiki, there is also a red version.

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