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i met KAWS

February 21, 2009 Art, Contemporary, Sculpture 1 Comment


I went to the pre-show party for the exhibition of Susan Hancock’s latest acquisitions, I Can’t Feel My Face, at Royal-T in Culver City.


It was pretty cool. I saw Susan Hancock and a bunch of other art world people in the flesh. However, the highlight of the event was meeting Brian Donelly aka KAWS himself. The event was also sponsored by a few alcohol companies, which meant free booze! hehehe..

So, how about some art?

Featured prominently in the store front window was the Pink Chum, one of KAWS’ iconic characters and one of my favorite sculptures. It is a play off of the Michelin Man. This first caught my eye when it traveled with the Beautiful Losers exhibition.

I Can’t Feel My Face. Yep, this is the painting where the show got its name from.

It was fun.

Actual Show Notes:

Royal/T, Culver City’s Japanese inspired shop/café/exhibition space, is pleased to welcome KAWS, New York based artist and designer, as the curator of their spring group exhibition, I Can’t Feel My Face. Selected from Susan Hancock’s collection and on view at Royal/T from February 22 through September 7, I Can’t Feel My Face features works by over 25 contemporary artists.

I Can’t Feel My Face shares its title with a painting by KAWS and is a centerpiece of the exhibition, which explores the theme of contemporary portraiture as a vehicle of inherent emotive expression. The faces and figures in the works evoke a range of feelings and offer a view into the fractured imagery and energy of the creative mind. Faces are transposed and contorted, abstracted and obliterated, highly detailed or conversely stripped down to the simplest of lines. Like a human face, the images are each individual, at once recognizable but also unique. Andre Ethier’s one-eyed painting, “The Bitch is Back,” unnerves and unsettles in its lush directness. In a multiplication of stick-figure forms, the vibrating energy in the cigarette paper collage by Oliver Payne and Nick Relph has an immediate electric pull.

I Can’t Feel My Face, includes works by Olaf Breuning, Carol Dunham, Andre Ethier, Tom Friedman, Misaki Kawai, Hideaki Kawashima, KAWS, Mike Kelley, Ted Mineo, Takashi Murakami, Mr., Yoshimoto Nara, Oliver Payne & Nick Relph, Richard Prince, William Sasnal, David Shrigley, Jim Torok and Yan Pei-Ming.

i picked this up as a souvenir….


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  1. Dlux says:

    Wowwww dude….I want one of those Pink Chum statues…

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