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My annual check-in, I guess.

March 21, 2015 Lounge, Music No Comments

Recently, my path crossed again with someone who I thought I would never see or hear from again. We have an interesting history. It is funny how we almost picked up from where we left off last. Our collective memories of our past interactions is telling. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out.


In any case, she reminded me that I still have this blog…. I am embarrassed and a bit saddened about not keeping this thing up to date.

These last 3 years have been incredible! I met a lot of great people, and had some amazing experiences.

I continue to collect stories to tell my grand kids.

Anyways, I’ve had this song in regular rotation for the past few years.

Brutal Hearts by Bedouin Soundclash.



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April 15, 2014 Art No Comments

Life is good. More or less.


I’m Alive!

September 22, 2013 Uncategorized 1 Comment


I’ve been so busy with life that I have neglected this blog. So sorry.

I have a lot of stories to tell and events to share!


March 12, 2013 Living No Comments

Dress code for men: Black Tie


Dress code for women: Lingerie


Masks mandatory.

Aniversario 20 de la Casa del Habano Partagás

February 5, 2013 Living, Puffing 1 Comment

These were passed out at the 20th anniversary of the Partagas dinner in Cuba last year. There were two sizes. The rumor is that these were Cohiba Behikes. The one pictured is the larger of the two.

I got my hands on a couple of them and even smoked one during this past Super Bowl. Though it was definitely a premium cigar (construction and aroma were wonderful), it somehow did not measure up to the officially branded Behikes. Oh well.

Link: La Casa del Habano

LACMA – Stanley Kubrick

February 2, 2013 Art, Film No Comments

If you get a chance, the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA is worth a visit. We spent two hours looking over the show and that was still not enough time.

Here are some of the highlights…

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LACMA – Bodies and Shadows: Caravaggio and His Legacy

February 1, 2013 Art, Baroque No Comments

You know, it’s more fun taking pictures when you’re officially not allowed to and there’s a guard watching everyone like a hawk….

Tthis particular piece depicts Martha and Mary Magdalene. According to Google:

The painting shows the Biblical sisters Martha and Mary Magdalene – Martha is in the act of converting Mary her life of pleasure to the life of virtue in Christ. Martha, her face shadowed, leans forward, passionately arguing with Mary, who twirls an orange blossom between her fingers as she holds a mirror, symbolizing the vanity she is about to give up. The power of the image lies in Mary’s face, caught at the moment when conversion begins.

EM was telling me how she had recently purchased a similar Napoleonic-era convex mirror (in the painting).


L&E Oyster Bar: Go To Spot for Oysters in LA

February 1, 2013 Dinner, Living No Comments

EM just arrived from Paris. We caught up with each other’s lives over at the best oyster spot in hipster central Los Angeles, L&E Oyster Bar.

They had a great selection of oysters on the menu that night – about 10. We started with 2 of each…. yummmmm

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